DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Another busy weekend

The usual long boring detailed account of several days that no one but me cares about :)


Stayed up till 2 or 3 the night before because i was silly (as usual =) and got up at ten or so. Poked around on the net for awhile and played Defender of the Crown for a bit till Jmpava IMed me around one and said he was interested in hanging out and playing some games until the group got together that evening. So i went out to his place and we spent a couple hours playing Super Smash Brothers Melee and Super Monkey Ball.

We were supposed to meet everyone else at the Red Robin in Costa Mesa around 6:45, so we headed out about 6. We were expecting to get there a little late since we had further to go, but were the second group to arrive when we showed up at 6:55, although the others showed up pretty shortly after that. We stood around talking for another ten or so minutes till the person we were doing the birthday party for showed up, at which point we made a pretty ineffective attempt to hide behind the (very skinny) trees outside the returant and then jump out and yell suprise :)

We went and did dinner and afterwards headed back to my sister's place to watch Red Dwarf. For some reason i had started getting a headache about the point we showed up at the resturant. I was distracted enough while we were eating that i didn't notice it so much but afterwards it was really starting to hurt. I took out my Poe cd out of the player and stuck in the Metropolis 1999 cd and blasted that for the short drive and was begining to feel better by the time i got there. Then i had to deal with the annoying parking however =P

Parking was even more of a mess than usual since there were four cars showing up in close proximity (not counting the car that belonged there of course) all looking for the very limited visitor parking. I think only one car actually ended up in a visitor spot. After circling around two or three times i gave up and parked in one of the unmarked spots and went to tell 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz that they needed to call up the parking people, but before they could do that some of the others showed up and said they had accosted the person in the "parking" car that was cruising about and he had told them that he wasn't going to be checking the unlabled spots, so i decided i was safe where i was.

After everyone had collected we did a couple episodes of Red Dwarf. I think we did Backwards, then skipped Marooned and Polymorph, and then finsihed out the rest of the season. I was starting to get a little fuzzy towards the end but managed not to fall asleep, despite the fact that i was lying on the floor. Oh, and according to maggiedacatt i do a very good job of looking pathetic (said after she mock-kicked me for some pun or something other i said) which i guess is a good thing :) It was about 11 at that point and everyone headed off. I got home about midnight but then stayed up till 2ish talking to rahvina and poking about the net.


Longobord had told me a couple days earlier that she was going to be down in the LA area this weekend visiting people and had said she wanted to get to see me sometime on sunday. She finally gave me a call sunday morning shortly after i'd gotten up to set up the details. She said they'd been thinking about going to the beach in the morning, and Morna had asked me earlier about hanging out and going to the mall if i had time, so i suggested we should get together about 6 for dinner which she thought sounded good since they wouldn't have to hurry back from the beach that way.

I played some Defender of the Crown for awhile waiting for Morna to get on IM, but finally gave up around 1 and gave her a call. She was still interested in hanging out and seeing the new mall so i went and picked her up and we drove out to Rancho Cucamonga. Traffic was a bit annoying getting there and the parking lot was pretty full. We wandered about a bit but quickly ended up at the food court since neither one of us had had breakfast/lunch yet. Given the size of the mall the food court was pretty small. About seven places in the main court, We ended up going to the japanese place which had mediocre food but tried really hard to screw up our drink. We asked for a large diet with no ice, and first they handed us a drink with ice in it, so i handed it back and said it was supposed to be a diet, no ice. The server person took it back and filled it up again and gave it back to us. We were still waiting for the food so i took a sip of it... and it was root beer! I handed it back again and said it was supposed to be a diet coke with no ice. She looked at it and said we'd wanted no ice, right? It had no ice. Yes i replied, but that was _root_beer_, and we had asked for a _diet_coke_ =P

So after that we looked around some more and finally found a directory so we could see what all there was. There are a lot of fairly upscale stores there. We decided it was similar to the Irvine Spectrum in the range of stores (as opposed to something really upscale like South Coast Plaza.) However we weren't really interested in looking around in Sharper Image or the Apple store, so we decided to go by the Borders, because books are always good :) Unfortunatly when we got there we found that it was one of the buildings that was still under construction =P So then we went to the Robinson's May, because Morna wanted to go look at the children's department and gloat about not having to work there anymore :) We looked around for a bit and she bought a valentine's day present for Bricriu and we decided to head out. We still had a little over an hour till i needed to head out to LA so we went back to my apartment and talked and traded backrubs for awhile. Then i dropped her off at her apartment and headed to LA on the 10.

Luckily the traffic was a lot better than i'd been worrying, however i missed the exit i was supposed to take and then got a little confused on the surface streets and didn't get to where i was supposed to be meeting them till about 6:30 =P However they had a cell phone so at least they knew what my status was. We met at and had dinner at a little mexican place that was a few blocks from longobord's friend's apartment. Afterwards we drove about and found a coffee place to sit and talk at, except they closed at 9, so then we drove up to the UCLA area and found another coffee shop which was open till 11, about the point i needed to head home anyways.

Longobord's friend has worked in the game industry so we spent some time talking about that. I got to hear some pretty amazing stories about the incompetence at the place he'd been working at previously. It was a well known studio that made some pretty famous games, but they apparently had a lot of less than stellar people working on smaller side projects. I know i'm not the greatest programmer myself, but i'm at least competent, and it made me feel a bit better to hear about people who were actively dragging their company down with their incompetence.

So we headed back about 11 and i dropped them back off at his apartment and headed home. Once again i got home about midnight and stayed up far longer than i should have.


I managed to get up at a reasonable time and got out the door before 9 since i was planning on heading home early to hang out with Kialyn. Left work about 5:30 and got back home just after 7. Kialyn had given me a call on my cell around 6:30 to see how i was doing so since we had a better idea of when i was getting there we'd agreed i should just pick her up at her place rather than going to my apartment and poking at her over IM. We tried going to Chili's for dinner, but when we got there we found, suprise suprise, that the parking lot was packed. After driving around for five or ten minutes in ever widening circles we finally had someone pull out of a spot right in front of us. We'd already been discussing alternate plans based on what the wait turned out to be, so when we walked inside the Chili's and were told it was an hour for two people we just turned around and left.

We'd been considering making pasta at my place or getting In-n-Out and Kilayn finally decided on In-n-Out. So we drove up to the one on Foothill east of Mudd (since we'd been at the Chili's by the mall,) which didn't have much of a line at all, got food and went back to my apartment. We ate food and watched some anime and snuggled, and all in all it was a much better valentine's day than i'd been expecting this year. Which of course is part of the reason why Kialyn volunteered to hang out with me. She knew that otherwise i'd be sitting around moping alone and probably thinking about Caithris and getting really depressed.

So that makes it at least 16 days since i last had to spend a day completly alone. Doubt i can keep that up for much longer, but it's nice while it lasts :)

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