DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

MIT Fling Thing Quiz

I should really post about me weekend and yesterday before i start forgetting all the details. However i should also leave for work about 15-30 minutes ago =P So i'll just post about the Fling Thing quiz results and try to be good tonight :)

Tikva posted about the MIT Fling Thing several days ago. It's a vaguely personals type thing, except it's short term just before Valentine's day and is focused more on sex than love (at least in theory) and of course it's also theoretically aimed at people associated with MIT in some way. It _also_ tells you what "fling type" you are based on the answers you give them, in standard quiz type fashion.

Since the actual matching part ended a few days ago i figured it was safe to fill out the form just for the quiz bit, and wasn't too suprised at the results.

Cat Toy Fling

Cat Toy Fling

You learned long ago that you could catch some remarkable specimens
by making sure you were the one being chased...and you know just
how to wiggle to captivate one for hours....
What fling type are you?

However i think they're just a _bit_ off in my level competence. They're right about my prefered method of (non) approach, but if i was actually as good as they claim at that last part then there would actually be some girls pursuing me =P

And if anyone's interested, the other possible results are here.

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