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Spent thursday night hanging out with Morna


She poked at me wednesday night and we agreed to meet at Marie Callender's between 7:30 and 8 for dinner. I got there about 7:45 and she was waiting for me there. I think we got seated in the slow area. It took forever to get my food (she got the unlimited salad bar so she didn't need to worry about it) and forever to get the check. I wanted to get a slice of the chocolate creme pie to go, gut our waiter pointed out that since it was the pie of the month it would cost about $6 for a whole pie vs $3 for a slice, so i ended up getting the whole pie.

It had started raining by that point so we left Morna's car in the lot and drove back to my apartment in my car. We watched CSI and Without a Trace and traded backrubs and then drove her back to her car and dropped her off. I ended up poking at the net until about 12:30 i think before going to sleep.


I hit snooze for awhile this morning and then was slow getting ready and it was raining a fair bit so all in all i didn't get to work till 10:30 =P However when i got there i found that they'd switched the lunch to Papa John's Pizza, which is significant because after the last Papa John's day i'd emailed the guy who orders the lunchs and asked him if we couldn't get a few cheese pizzas along with all the peperoni and vegetable ones. So i snuck down a few minutes early (along with a few other sneaky people =) and there was indeed cheese pizza! Yayayayayayay! :)

I'd asked Kialyn a day or two earlier if she wanted to hang out on friday and she said probably not. So i poked at other people and Jmpava said he was interested in hanging out. So of course Friday afternoon Kialyn IMed me and asked if i wanted to hang out that evening =P At least she said we could get together on monday since i'd already made plans for friday. :)

So Jmpava and i conned a couple other people into hanging out with us and we went to Chili's for dinner after work. I tried calling my sister and brother-in-law just before we headed out and they said they'd already had dinner but would be happy to join us for dessert and hanging out afterwards. Of course they managed to show up at Chili's before we actually got our food and then didn't end up ordering any dessert :) We hung out for awhile talking after dinner and then watched a little Red Dwarf. I fell asleep about halfway through the second episode, and apparently they decided to quit when that one finished (hopefully not just cause i had crashed.)

So tenative plans for tomorrow are for some of us to get together to hang out and play video games in the afternoon and then meet up with the others for dinner and more Red Dwarf in the evening.

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