DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Yay! I'm down to 165! Just 5 more pounds and i'll be back to where i started before christmas =P

In less happy news, my new Definite Article DVD is still screwed up =P It misbehaves in exactly the same way as the old one, despite the fact that it doesn't seem to have the same messed up wavy bits. So it seems like either there's some messed up copy protection on this one DVD (since the other Eddie Izzard ones work fine) or there was some manufacturing defect with this production line =P

I'm also getting my ass kicked at Defender of the Crown :)

Defender of the Crown:

I'm thinking i may need to just give up and start over. I started out by surrounding the lord to the far north, in the hopes that the southern lords would fight amongst themselves. The first problem is that you can't conquer castles until siege engines become available about a year into the game, which delayed me wiping out my target. (Which is presumably the intent behind the restriction.) A bigger problem is that although the southern lords may have fought among themselves, they also attacked me and while doing so got gobbled up by King John attacking from further south =P

At this point there's just me, one last lord, and King John left, and King John has twice the number of territories i do. I _might_ be able to recover from that, except King John _also_ has the added benefit of ships, which allow him to send his army to any coastal territory, so i can't even hold him off with a strong front while i build up forces =P

So if i start again i obviously need to rethink my tactics. One issue is that you can raid _or_ attack each turn, you can't do both, and clearly i've been doing the wrong balance. Also when doing raids you can choose between raiding caravans or castles. The caravans seem to be quite a bit harder, possibly because they involve that wonderfull skill of trying to hit a moving target which i seem abysmal at. The most i've gotten from a caravan so far is about 150 gold. The castles come in stages and seem a lot easier than the caravans except for the time issue. I can easily beat the stage one castles and the minimum i've ever gotten from that is 199 gold. I can now usually beat the stage two castles and get at least 399 from those. I know they go up to at least stage 3 which i haven't been able to beat yet but from which i'd presumably get at least 599 gold. The first time around i figured out pretty quickly to do the castle raids rather than the caravan, but i did almost all stage one castles. Now that my skills have improved slightly i should really focus on the stage two castles.

Last of all, after it randomly came up in a conversation with Ceph i finally found the motivation to dig up my mp3 player and download some books from Audible. Got Larry Niven's Protector first and started listening to that on my commute today. After i finish that i may start in on George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. Unfortunatly my mini-stereo system keeps crapping out on me. If i turn it up enough so i can hear it over my car it occasionaly experiences some weird power fluctuation which causes the volume to drop to zero and i have to quickly turn it back up before i miss too much of the book.

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