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I actually went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time last night. Started getting pretty tired at 11 (suprise suprise after five hours of sleep the night before) and crashed at about midnight.

I'd set my alarm for 7 but something (maybe my cat, maybe not) woke me up about five or ten minutes before that. I was actually feeling quite wide awake so when the alarm went off i actually got up rather than hitting snooze repeatedly like i normal do.

However now i was up at 7 and had about 30 minutes i could kill before i needed to take a shower so i could head off to work. So i stupidly decided to play some Defender of the Crown, which should have been the death of me right there :) However my castle kept getting sacked so i gave up on that in frustration after about fifteen minutes.

By that point it was about 7:20 and i figured i still had a little bit of time i could kill. So i checked LJ but there weren't too many posts, so then i started going back and replying to old LJ comments i'd been letting pile up. By the time i was finished with that it was 7:45 and i realized i needed to run off and shower if i was going to make it to work at a reasonable time.

So i _intended_ to do a really quick shower, but as soon as i started the water running my brain scampered off and got distracted by about ten billion different things and by the time i got out and got dressed it was 8:45 =P Traffic was pretty good so i got here about 10, so i think if i use up my fifteen minutes overtime from yesterday and quit the Quake game a few minutes early i can still leave at a reasonable time to get home for NCIS :)

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