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Sunday evening:

Morna gave me a call sunday afternoon to see if i was interested in lunch, but i already had plans for the tea ceremony. I tried giving her a call back at about six to see if she'd already had lunch. Okay, kinda a silly question, but only kinda. After all, _i_ hadn't had lunch yet :) She said she had but that she'd be interested in dinner. So i picked her up and we went to Islands and ate and then went to Borders to look at books. There's a couple new things out but not anything i really felt like i needed to get. The James Alan Gardner and S.M. Stirling books are still in hardback, and there's a newish Lindskold in paperback but it's not one of her Wolf or Athanor books.

Morna thought about going home and crashing at that point but then decided we should finish up Firefly since she'd been meaning to do that for several months. So we went back to my apartment and watched the 3rd to last episode and then took a break for Without a Trace and then finished up the last two episodes. I dropped her off at her place about 12:30ish and then came home and stayed up way too late playing Defender of the Crown as already mentioned :)

So all in all this was the most social weekend i've had in... um, several months at least. Yay! (Er, yay that i actually had a fun social weekend, not yay that they happen so infrequently =)


Despite only getting five hours of sleep i felt pretty good this morning. Left here about 8:30 and get to work about 9:50. It seemed like i'd bene away for longer than just two days, which was pretty nice. The lunch schedule for this week is pretty amusing. Today was El Pollo Loco (chicken) tomorrow is Chinese food (asian) then teriyaki chicken (asian chicken) then subway (crap) then Hawaiian on friday (aka more teiyaki chicken, ie more asian chicken.) So a couple of us who aren't too found of El Pollo Loco went out to a sandwich place for lunch.

I clocked out at 7 but then got distracted by Pava convincing me to take a look at the Peasant Quest Movie trailer, which is pretty silly. So then i sat (well, stood really) and talked with people for awhile and finally ended up leaving at 7:30 which turned out pretty good because traffic was very good, mostly liquid with scattered pockets of vapor. Well, up until i got close to my exit on the 605. Traffic suddenly started getting really slow so i decided to get off an exit early. Took me three minutes to go the less than a mile to the Fruit street exit and get off. Once i started going up the offramp i could see a whole bunch of flashing lights in the west bound lanes ahead of me and see that pretty much all traffic was stopped in that direction. Presumably the slowdown in my direction was from people staring at the accident =P Anyways i got home at 8:15, exactly 45 minutes after heading home, and it probably would have been about 5 minutes quicker if not for that last gasp of traffic.

Since it was still before 9 i decided to go down to Best Buy and try and get my Definite Article DVD exchanged. However while running up to my apartment to get the DVD i foudn a package from Rahvina and Sarisa! Yay! Package! :) So i bought the package inside to open up later and grabbed the DVD and ran off. The person at the return counter took a look at it and pointed out a kind of wavy area on the disk which i hadn't noticed before, so hopefully that was the problem. I went and got another one from the shelves, and it turned out to be the last one, and brought it back to the returns area. She opened it up to take a look at it... and promptly dropped it on the floor =P However it didn't seem to get scratched up any so presumably it's still good.

I was feeling kinda hungry by that point. I was planning on stopping by the gas station at towne and arrow since i needed to get gas and decided as long as i was going by there i should try out the Quizno's. They apparently close at 9 and i got there just in time. There were two other people there ahead of me and that was it. They'd already stacked all the chairs up and looked ready to close. While the guy was making my sandwich i commented about how strange it was that there was a strip mall full of dollar stores and outlet stores with two cool stores tucked away in the corner. He said that yes it was unusual, but that he and his partner were trying to help uplift the area as a community project type thing. I said that was cool and it seemed like a good place to stop by and get food. So then when he rang me up he gave me a free drink and encouraged me to come back again :)

So now i'm sitting around and eating sandwich and IMing with Rahvina and playing with my friends list since i've got a couple new lj friends now :)

Of course part of me can't help thinking that this is all just inverse karmic buildup for next weekend. If i try i can almost not think about what happens then.

lalala, not thinking about conservation of ream, lalala

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