DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Apparently the superbowl is today.

I might have stuck around and watched it except that i told kialyn that i'd got a tea ceremony demonstartion with her today, and i don't have to sit through any football to get to the good parts of that :)

I got up about 1am and played some Katamari and then got a call from Kialyn asking if i could give her a ride to the dojo before the ceremony because it was raining, so i took a quick shower and then went to pick her up at 2:30. While on the way to her place i happened to notice for the first time ever that there is an EB Games in the scuzzy little strip mall on the corner of towne and arrow, which really suprised me.

I picked kialyn up and we went to the dojo and watched the tea ceremony, which was cool but rather short although we killed a fair bit of time talking to other people before and after the actual ceremony. Well, kialyn did most of the talking of course.

Afterwards i drove kialyn back to her place, making a quick stop at the store so she could get some stuff, and on the way back home i decided to stop at the EB Games. They didn't have Galactic Civilzations Altarian Prophecy or the Batten Kaitos soundtrack, but they _did_ have Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown for just $15, so i got a copy of that. Yay!

The strip mall seems to have one good corner, which has the EB Games and a Quiznos. The rest is taken up by one dollar stores (_two_ of them) a "factory 2-U" store that seems to be closed, a "Golden Ox Burgers" resturant, and other similar type places.

So anyways, i suppose i could turn on the superbowl now, but the fox station is kinda fuzzy, and i bet they've already done all the really cool commercials, and i've got a new video game to play :)

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