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What i was thinking about while in the shower this morning

[me] Okay, let's try out that cow level

[King of all Cosmos] Just get me one cow, then you're done.

[me] Okay (starts to roll)

(two seconds later) [King of all Cosmos] Okay, you're done

[me] What? What did i do? I didn't see any cows!

[King of all Cosmos] Right there, didn't you see that two inch tall milk carton i sneakily set in front of you?

[me] That's not a cow!

[King of all Cosmos] Well, it's kind of like a cow. The milk came from a cow. Close enough for me.

[me] *grumble* fine, let's try this again. (starts over)

[me] What is this, a mine field? Fine, as long as i carefully avoid the milk containers it seems to be going pretty well...

[King of all Cosmos] Okay, you're done

[me] WHAT!? What is it this time?! I didn't touch any frickin milk!

[King of all Cosmos] You picked up that traffic cone

[me] That's not a cow!!!

[King of all Cosmos] Well, it's painted black and white...

[me] That doesn't make it a cow!!!!

[King of all Cosmos] ...and, well, i think someone may have spilled some milk on it at some point.

[me] !#&@^$@ Screw this level! I'll try the bear level

[King of all Cosmos] Well this is pretty much just like the cow level

[me] Fine, but at least you can't screw me over with stuff painted black and white or stuff with milk in it. And i don't care about any freakin technicalities! No one drinks bear milk!!

*rolls about*

[me] This is great, another frickin mine field, but as long as i avoid all these teddy bears i'm fine.

*rolls some more*

[me] Okay, i'm getting pretty big, hey, i bet i can roll up those people over there!

[King of all Cosmos] Okay, you're done

[me] WHAT!!!?!? I DIDN"T DO A BLOODY THING! I just picked up some guy!

[King of all Cosmos] That's a bear

[me] No he bloody well is not!

[King of all Cosmos] Well he looks like a bear to me

[me] Wha... that's a costume! He's wearing a bear costume!

[King of all Cosmos] It's a bear

[me] It's just a person! He probably wanted to be a star so he disguised himself as a bear! *grabs the guy and rips off his mask* See! It's a human!

[guy in bear mask] And i would have gotten away with it too if not for you pesky kid! Actually, i _am_ going to get away with it anyways because the King of all Cosmos is a dork.

[King of all Cosmos] I'm going to have to agree with the bear

[me] Fuck you! Fuck you guy in a bear suit! Fuck you King of all Cosmos! I hate you all!

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