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I wish i wasn't fat. And i wish i knew how to dance well. I also wish i knew if i look better with my hair tied back or loose. When it's tied back it's really flat and kinda ugly, but when it's loose it flies all over the place and gets pretty tangled after a couple songs.

Kialyn wanted to see a movie so we stopped by the theatre on foothill but they didn't have anything particularly appealing, so we came back to my place and watched.... Akira! Ha! I was right! :) After that we went out to In-n-Out for dinner, so i got In-n-Out twice today :)

I ended up being about ten minutes late to pick Sithjawa up, but that didn't matter because when i got there she was busy looking for her passport since that's the only sure way she has of proving how old she is. I sat around for about 45 minutes and tried to help, but all i could really do was offer useless suggestions. She finally decided she wasn't going to find it anytime soon and said i should just go without her, which i felt kinda bad about. She could have tried using her student id and driver's permit, but she figured that wouldn't work since fate seems intent on keeping her away from Bar Sinister and that it was more important to spend the time continuing to look for her passport.

So i left about 10:45 and got to Bar Sinister at 11:30. The dance floor is pretty tiny and makes Dungeon's new location look pretty good in comparison :) It was fairly crowded throughout the place but especially on the dance floor. If Sithjawa's friends were there i either didn't see them or didn't recognize them. (I have no idea if i've ever met them before, i _might_ have a couple years ago through Donnaprizm)

I spent most of my time dancing and a little bit of time hanging out upstairs. It was a pretty usual club experience. Lots of cute girls around, none of which paid any attention to me. It did stay open a bit later than Dungeon usually does, got out about 2:30 i think. I don't think i really danced as hard as i should have been to get a decent amount of exercise, i wasn't really that sweaty by the time it ended.

On the drive home i was feeling kind of hungry and was trying to figure out what to do. I kinda felt like del taco but the one on Foothill to the west of my apartment actually _closes_ and the one to the east is kinda hard to get to. Then i remembered that there's a del taco on Garey right next to the 10, so i got of there and got some food and headed home.

I should really get to sleep now, but i'm not feeling that tired =P

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