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My goth-clubbing coworker told me that there were going to be hollywood people at Dungeon this week. Unfortunatly i was told about this friday afternoon, which meant A: my club clothes were back in my apartment in pomona and more importantly, B: i'd already made plans to have dinner with Stihjawa that evening.

So i left work at 6:45ish and got home at 8 and picked Sithjawa up shortly thereafter. We went to the sushi place on foothill (Shogun something i think) where i ate far too much and she ate far too little (although she claims she was stuffed =P) We then went back to her place and spent and hour or two playing Super Smash Brothers Melee and Soul Caliber 2. So all in all it was a great evening :)

At some point i asked her if it was Bar Sinister she was planning on going to saturday evening and she said yes. I said i might head out there too since i'd missed out on Dungeon, so she asked me if i could give her a ride since she'd been planning on taking the train. *gack* I've had to take the train out there before, it sucks. Well the ride itself isn't too bad, but it takes quite awhile and the trains stop abysmally early in the evening. So i told her i'd be happy to give her a ride and we're planning on leaving about 9:30.

I got up at 10 or 11 this morning and killed a couple hours playing Disgaea and then went to the bank to get money for clubbing and then went and got my car smog checked. It passed but i need to go back to AAA to get my sticker, and they were already closed by the time i finished, stupid lazy me =P I'll have to go early on monday or something i guess. I went to In-n-Out to get some lunch and while i was waiting in line i got a call from Kialyn.

She wanted to hang out sometime this weekend and we tenatively agreed on sunday evening. However after i got home we IMed some and decided it would be easier to get together this afternoon/evening and hang out until i leave to go pick Sithjawa up. So i should be leaving to pick her up pretty soon, then dropping her off back home later and going to get Sithjawa and heading out to hollywood to go clubbing until who knows how late. (Although probably not as late as i'm used to since i'm going with someone else and we'll hopefully be getting there earlier than i usually do.)

Unless someone else ends up wanting to make plans sunday is going to seem pretty boring in comparison.

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