DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Busy cellphone today

One of the side-effects of using my cell phone as an alarm... (*boggle* hold on a second, my cell phone is ringing, i am not making this up. Damn, missed call, but it's from the 909 area code, wonder if it was actually someone i know?)

Anyways, as i was saying, one of the side-effects of using it as an alarm clock is that it means i can get woken up at 4:30 in the morning by someone calling. Now if it was a friend of mine that would be great. However it wasn't, it was a wrong number. Someone asking about "Mike" i think.

Then when i got to work i got a missed call from Morna, who it turns out was calling me to ask if i wanted to hang out tonight like we've done the past few weeks. Ironically i had _just_ finished sending her an email asking her the exact same thing :)

Then during lunch while i was playing in the usual office game of Quake 3 my phone started buzzing yet again. This time it was from the 830 area code, which i had no idea where it was so i just ignored it. Then it buzzed because i got text message. Then it buzzed because i was being called again from the same number. Then it buzzed again because i'd gotten a voice message.

So after the Quake game finished i checked the messages while we were walking to lunch (don't ask why we were going to lunch _after_ Quake instead of before, it's a silly story.) The voice message was blank, or at least mostly so. There were a few faint noises in the background but i couldn't really tell what they were, i suppose i could have listened to it again when i wasn't walking down the street with traffic right next to me, but i didn't really care. The text message said "please call." I tried googling the number when i got back to the office and it came back as "Guadlupe Soto" from Sabinal, Texas. I'm almost curious enough to try calling back. However it's almost certainly a wrong number (though how did he dial the same wrong number two or three times in a row?) and if not that then it's almost certainly some kind of scam.

So other than that today was spent working and then having dinner and watching CSI and Without a Trace with Morna. Should go to bed now since i need to be up in less than 6 hours and am already sleep-depped =P

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