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Just to make sure that i didn't get any false notions about the stability of the statistics i'm dealing with, fate decided that since i headed home at 7:10 tonight, about halfway between when i did on monday and tuesday, it should take me an hour and ten minutes to get home. Of course in large part this was because of a semi that lost it's truck or a truck that lost its semi or whatever.

The 605 was pretty backed up when i got on it and proceded to get worse the farther north i got. After awhile i noticed what seemed to be a helicopter somewhere ahead of me. Then i noticed that the right lanes were starting to move a lot slower than the left lanes. So i took a look at the helicopter again and it seemed to be shining a spotlight at somewhere ahead of me on the freeway. So i wasn't that suprised when i passed the trailer part of a semi which was lying diagonally across the right two or so lanes (but was still upright, or at least it was by the time i got there.) The truck part (or at least i assume the two were associated) was a couple hundred feet ahead on the right side of the road with its emergency lights flashing. It must have been rather exciting when the two got detached, but i'm glad i wasn't around to see it.

Speaking of flying things i saw a couple of UFOs while driving home monday night. They were presumably either planes or helicoptors but they had _really_ bright headlights so i couldn't see anything except the white light part. They didn't seem to be moving that fast so they must have been either helicopters that were fairly close or planes that were far off and _really_ bright.

Okay, in case this entry wasn't random enough already, i'm going to throw in some random bits i've been meaning to post about for a couple weeks now :)

Some stuff i kept meaning to post about this week but kept forgetting:

Some people who know both my sister and i think that once i take off my glasses the relationship between the two of us becomes much more obvious. I'm not sure why that is, they said something about us having similar eyes i think.

My apartment seems to be ant free for the moment, although it smells very minty now =P I'm trying to pretend that those unmoving black specks above the door where i sprayed are just specks of dirt or something :( There was a second attack before i got everything sprayed enough, but i was really confused as to why they were assulting cassie's water bowl. This was in the middle of the multi-day rain spree, why did they feel it was necessary to break into my apartment just to get water? =P

I noticed several weeks ago that my apartment was getting rather cold during the night, and stayed pretty cold during the day. I figured that when the magic shell chocolate was freezing solid while sitting on the countertop that perhaps that should be a clue. So i decided to leave the heat lamp in the bathroom and the halogen lamp in the bedroom on all night and while i was gone during the day to try and make sure cassie didn't get too cold. I would say that isn't really the most efficient way to heat the apartment, but there aren't really any inefficient ways to generate heat. Other than the small fraction of light that leaks out the windows around the blinds it's all going to end up as heat sooner or later anyways.

And finally when my tires were getting installed i was suprised when they asked me if i wanted the white sides of the black sides for my tires. I thought he was talking about two different sets of tires for a second which would have made no sense since they had to order the tires for me. However then i saw that the tires actually had two different sides, one with the letters painted in blueish white and the other with them left black. I went inside and took a look at the tires they had on display and most of them were the same way. That's kinda cool in a mostly useless way.

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