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Heh, i'm suprised no one has tried to kill me yet for that last post :)

I stayed up till about 3am friday night reading a book that Morna had loaned me, which was a pretty silly thing to do since i'd promised to give Kialyn a ride at 9am. She gave me a call at 8:30 to make sure i was awake like i'd asked her to so i ended up getting about five hours of sleep, which is stil better than the four i got friday night last week i guess =P

So after giving her the ride i decided to play some Disgaea for awhile and finished up all but one of the bonus levels and then played around in the item world for awhile. I hadn't seen Morna on IM at all and i really wanted to read the sequals to the book she'd loaned me. So at about 3 or 4 i decided i'd go to the mall and look at video games and books. I took a shower and then headed off.

There were three video games i was really interested in getting, and GameStop only had one of them, Batten Kaitos. I thought that at one point there had been some sort of soundtrack deal for that, but when i asked them about it they said they'd never gotten any soundtracks for it. If they'd had the other two games i wanted i wouldn't have worried about it, but i decided to just get nothing and check out details of the soundtrack offer online later. I _think_ it may have been a pre-order only thing, but if there's a way i could get the soundtrack for free if i bought it somewhere else i'd feel rather silly for getting it at GameStop.

So then i went to Borders and got the second and third books in the trilogy that Morna started me on. I looked around for some other stuff to get but didn't really find anything. Most of the books i really want to get are still in hardback at the moment =P

I then decided to stop at Best Buy and see if they had the Eddie Izzard DVDs. I'd just found out in the last week that Unrepeatable, Glorious, and Definite Article had all been released in the US on DVD recently. I'd been thinking of going to DVDPlanet to get them but i figured i might as well stop by Best Buy first since it was so much closer.

They _did_ have those three DVDs, which was good, but they didn't have Dress To Kill, which i'd also been wanting to get, but i decided to get the three "new" ones anyways. I went by the video game section but they didn't have any of the games i wanted, they did however have a copy of Metal Arms for GameCube for just $10, so i decided to get that. And then while i was waiting in line i was looking vaguely through the bargin bin DVDs and found a copy of Gattaca that was just $7.50, so i got that as well.

After that i went a slightly round-about way home so i could get a pastrami sandwich and some fries at the Hat. When i got home i started on my food and decided to watch a DVD while i was doing that. I decided to watch Definite Article since i'd never seen it before, but when i put it in the PS2 it just sat there loading forever. I tried resetting a couple times and poking it at in the browse menu, but it just kept saying "loading." After several minutes of that i finally gave up and stuck it in my computer. When i tried to open it with WinDVD it got about as far as the FBI warning and then the program crashed. Trying again gave the exact same results. I tried the other two and they were fine, so either something is odd about that particular title, or i just got a lousy disk. In either case i need to go back to Best Buy at some point soon and get it exchanged or refunded.

When i checked email there was a message from my sister saying that my coworker was going to have a wedding invitation construction party with plans for some Red Dwarf afterwards and she wanted to know if i was interested in the Red Dwarf bit. I told her yes, and that i'd be happy to help with the construction bit too if they needed more people, so she said she'd call me tomorrow once she had a better idea of what was going on.

So i spent saturday evening and sunday morning playing Disgaea and reading, and then got a call from my sister at about 4 saying that i should come over. I got there about five and they were still in the middle of the construction process, so i got to help with the rubber cementing step which my sister had been doing until then, and since two of the other people were just about to leave she moved over to the embossing that they had been doing.

We didn't actually manage to get around to the Red Dwarf bit, we just sat around talking while we constructed stuff, mostly trading stories from the various ages of Mudd for which we were present :) We finished up _most_ of the construction stuff about 9 at which point people started heading home. I sat around and talked a little more until everyone else left at 10.

And despite the fact that i took a shower yesterday morning, i've _still_ got little bits of rubber cement stuck to my arms =P Hopefully i can get the last of it off when i go take a shower right now :)

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