DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Week in review


I left for work kinda late because i wanted to do laundry in the evening so i needed to get quarters. I'd been intending to stop by the bank about 8:15 and get a roll there. I ended up running about 30 mintues late, which was good because when i got there i found that the bank didn't open till 9. =P Since it was already 8:45 i decided to kill some time and wait for it to open.

So i ended up leaving about 9:15. It had been dark and gloomy and vaguely drizzling when i got up, and it started raining more on the drive. Despite that the freeway was pretty clear up until the 605. Then just after i got onto the 605 i suddenly found myself looking at the _rear_ of a semi in the northbound lanes. Jacknifed doesn't really begin to describe it, perhaps "accordianed" would be better. The truck was one of those ones with two rear sections, and somehow it had managed to do a 180 and fold itself up into a z shape. Amazingly i didn't seem crushed at all, and i didn't see any other cars that had been hurt, however this thing was taking up at _least_ the two left lanes, so needless to say traffic was fucked behind it. I hope Usqueba made it to work before whenever it was that it happened.


Morna wanted to hang out thursday night again. We decided to try out the new Chili's on Monte Vista, so i headed off about 6:30 and got there about 7:45. However i discovered that the new place _wasn't_ actually open yet, they were doing employee training and weren't opening till Feb. 3rd. They said the sign at the old Chili's said this, but neither Morna nor i remember anything like that, and it had been listed on the Chili's webpage when i checked earlier in the day.

So we looked around at the other resturants in the complex and decided to go to Applebee's. Unfortunatly it was pretty crowded. The wait wasn't too long since it was mostly large parties, but we got seated next to several groups with small children, at least one of which spent five or ten minutes screaming and yelling a lot =P And the service was pretty slow and non-existant. I didn't get a single refil on my drink =P

So when we finished up there we went back to my place and watched CSI and Without a Trace. I didn't get too into the CSI since the opening involved lots of maggots *gag* but the Without a Trace was okay. I still think NCIS is a lot better than either of them for some reason though 0=) I'm still trying to get Morna addicted to that one :)


I went into work early on friday since i was supposed to pick Kialyn up at the dojo at 7 that evening. I left work about 4:45 and traffic was great on the 405 and 710 and slightly better than normal on the 91, but then came to a screeching halt (or at least major slowdown) once i got to the 605 =P I ended up getting home about 6:45ish *blech* I stopped by home just long enough to give cassie some food for the evening since i'd forgotten to give her extra in the morning and ran off to pick up Kialyn.

We decided to go to Olive Garden but when we got there it was really crowded and they said it would take about 45 minutes to be seated, so we decided to try someplace else. We ended up heading to the Chili's on Foothill. It probably took us abut 10-15 minutes to get there and park, and once we did they said the wait would be about 30 minutes, so we didn't really gain anything =P We may actually have gotten seated a bit faster than that though, or at least it didn't seem like a full 30 minutes.

Afterwards we went back to my place to watch a movie. Kialyn picked out two Jackie Chan DVDs, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell, none of which she thought she'd seen before. When i refused to help her narrow it down she finally settled on Ghost in the Shell. Afterwards she said she thought she remembered it from sometime before, so i suspect next time we hang out we're going to be watching Akira :)

So now i'm sitting around wondering what to do this weekend. I could harass my sister and brother-in-law and see if they feel like hanging out, but after the LotR marathon last weekend they may just want to sit around and relax this weekend. Of course _i_ may just want to sit around and relax as well :)

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