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So friday i was hanging out at work late killing time before heading off to dungeon. A couple of other mudder-types were staying late as well for various reasons so we discussed doing dinner afterwards. One of them (the one i was going to be meeting at dungeon later) got a call from her friends and decided to head off to hollywood early, and the other three of us settled on Chili's. But before we actually managed to leave we got distracted by Quake 3 and spent almost an hour playing that before we left :)

We went to the Chili's at the Lakewood mall and spent about five minutes driving about before we actually managed to find it, and then spent almost another five minutes looking for parking. We had figured we wouldn't have too much trouble with wait since it was a little after 9, but apparently lots of other people had decided to do a late dinner and we were told the wait at Chili's was 30-45 minutes. So we walked across to the Outback that was on the same block and checked there. They said the wait was about 20 minutes, or 0 if we wanted to sit outside, so we went with outside.

The service was still a little slow since there were so many people, and between waiting and eating and talking it was past 10 when we left. I dropped them back off at the office so they could get their cars and headed up to dungeon.

I got there about 11:30, and after parking changing and walking the block and a half to get there it was probably 11:45. I managed to run into the people i knew pretty quickly and said hi and chatted with them for about five or ten minutes, which was a good thing since they apparently left pretty soon after that. (I guess they'd gotten there about opening time and were already getting tired.) So i spent the rest of the evening just dancing and watching the cute girls up on the stage thing.

I left when the club closed right after 2 and headed home. Got home just before 3 and went to sleep about 4.

Got up at 8 and took a shower and headed out about 9:30 for the LotR marathon, stopping to buy some snacks and drinks at the store on the way. Got there about 10:20, 20 minutes after we were supposed to start but before everyone else had actually arrived :) We spent the first bit snacking on all the stuff people had brought and then started Fellowship.

Seen Fellowship several times, not much to say about that. We took a short break for more snacking after it was done and started in on Two Towers. I was starting to feel a little tired by that point, so i decided to doze off for some of the less interesting bits. I'd only seen the extended version of Two Towers once before, but i figured it was better to miss bits of it than bits of RotK which i hadn't seen at all before.

We ordered pizza during the disk change and asked them to deliever it about 6:45, so it showed up pretty soon after we finished Two Towers. So we ate some and then started up RotK. So as best as i can remember, the main new bits are dealing with Saurman at the begining, more of dealing with the ghosts on the paths of the dead, and dealing with the pirates-type people right after that. I can't remember if the getting abducted into the orc army bit was there before or not, but i didn't really remember it. (Although i'm kinda sad that they got out of it by staging a fight with each other rather than getting two orc armies to fight =)

I'm sure anyone who's been paying attention has already heard that there is still no scouring of the shire. I'd figured there was no way it could make it in as soon as i saw the original movie in theatres. They didn't leave any possible openings to insert it and the extended editions have always been about adding extra stuff, not changing what was already there, and there was no way they could add the scouring while having it remain consistent with the end as it was.

So we finished up a little after 11, talked about it a bit and watched the final set of easter eggs and then all headed home.

So the real question is, how geeky is it that after having seen all three extended editions of the trilogy i now have a sudden desire to watch the animated versions of the Hobbit and Return of the King? :)

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