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It seemed to go reasonably well, and they said they'd get back to me in a couple days. They said it was for a support position, which is both a plus and a minus. Support isn't what i'm most interested and i don't have any experience at it, however i'd probably learn quite a bit if i got an offer and accepted it.

Since i didn't leave until late because of the interview i didn't get to work till about 10:30 and was planning to head home at 7:30. Everyone else from the usual group was staying late as well and somebody suggested we ought to do dinner afterwards. We headed out about 7:45-8 and went to a place called "Bixby's Cafe and Pizza." We got a greek pizza, with feta cheese gyro meat green olives and capons and, um, maybe something else i forget. We finished up about 9:15 and all headed home.

The freeway was pretty clear, as to be expected at that time of night. Fair number of cars that is, but no congestion. A few minutes after passing the offramp for the 10 i was suprised when a cop blazed past me with his lights flashing. I wondered who he was trying to pull over but he just kept going. Then five or ten seconds later another cop went by with his lights going to. I continued to seem them way ahead of me on the freeway for several minutes after that before they got out of range. I got on the 210 and about a minute later a motercycle cop went by with lights flashing, and then fifteen or twenty seconds later another cop car went by. Then a couple exits later i saw a cop car with lights flashing drive by on the overpass. I don't know if he was getting on the freeway to join the others or had jsut gotten off or it was just a coincidence, but i saw a helicopter nearby with flashing red lights and a spotlight that it was waving around so i'm kinda guessing it was the middle option. So at least four or five cops and a police copter, must have been something exciting going on around there.

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