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I got home at about midnight or 12:30 saturday night and got to sleep about 2 am. Then for no particular reason i can figure out i woke up at 8 and didn't feel very tired.

So i spent awhile playing Disgaea and talking to Rahvina and looking at web pages, then went back to bed to read for while. While i was doing so the hallogen lamp in my bedroom finally decided to give up the ghost. The light suddenly went out and there was a kind of hissing noise. I ended up falling asleep again around 1 and then woke up at 5 and felt really groggy.

I'd been planning to go to Trader Joe's this evening so i decdied to stop by Stapples as well and try to get a new hallogen bulb. I managed to get there about 5:55, five minutes before they closed, and got two hallogen bulbs. I would have liked to get one of the incandescent floor lamps as well since i've got the new flourescent lightbulbs, but they were all out of the cool one.

Since i was right there i decided to go by Stater Bros and got some diet A&W and nutty bars. Then i drove over to Trader Joes and got some snacks and drinks. Since some people at work had been talking about EZ Burgers recently and i haven't had one of those in a long time i decided to stop by there on the way back. It was reasonably good but not really much compared to in-n-out.

My head still seems fuzzy and i feel kinda crappy. Not sure if i want to go to sleep again already of ir that would just be too depressing. I'll probably post more about the weekend later but i should at least skim over the Nintendo thing since so many people gave me advice :)

So talked to morna and one of my coworkers about it and read lots of LJ comments, and then called Nintendo back and told the person that i was very interested in the possibility of working for Nintendo but that i just got hired by another company a month ago and didn't feel comfortable with the idea of leaving so soon. After talking about it with her for a few minutes she suggested i should go ahead and schedule the interview since it's only 30 minutes long. I'm presuming that if that went well and i decided i was interested they would want to do a longer interview later. Oh, she also said that she wasn't sure, but she thought the starting salary for the position i was applying for was 80-90k, which i find a little hard to believe.

So i've got the interview tomorrow morning at 8:30, and i'm still not entirely sure what i think. I like the people and the hours and the location at my current place, and would feel guilty about leaving them so soon. The idea of a significant pay raise sounds nice, and working on games again would be nice. Moving away from all my friends wouldn't be so nice.

And of course so far at least it seems like i'm capable of handling my current job. I always get really stressed out when starting someplace new that i'll be a failure and they'll end up firing me almost immediatly.

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