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Synchronicity and such

A couple days ago while i was driving to work i thought about the phrase "I don't want the world, i just want your half." I'm pretty sure there was a consistent thought process that started somewhere reasonable and led to that point, but i don't remember what it was now. I knew it was from a TMBG song of course, but i couldn't remember which one.

So for lunch a couple of us decided to go to del taco, and on the way there and back the guy whose car we took had a mix cd playing. One of the songs was a j-popy thing and i asked him what it was, and he told me the name and said he had it in his mp3 folder at work in the "misc" subfolder. I'd looked through his mp3s before but hadn't gone through every folder yet, so when we got back i took a look. There was a lot of, well, miscelaneous stuff. So i grabbed the j-popy song and a few other j-popy things and about five random Savage Garden tracks and about five random TMBG tracks. And of course one of the TMBG tracks was Ang Ng

And on a slightly more serious note, a coworker recently told me about a friend of hers who went to a resturant in Hollywood with her girlfriend. The two of them sat together but were told by the staff that they should sit on opposite sides of the table because it was "disturbing the other customers" or something like that, and then were eventually asked to leave. I would be depressed but not suprised by such an event in a lot of places, but Hollywood? Anyways, after i was told the story i started putting some bits and pieces together and suddenly asked, wait, you're not talking about prizmdonna are you? And of course it turns out she was.

In any case, anyone who wants to be amazed at the stupidity of it all can go read her post about it although most of the local people have probably already heard about it through other channels.

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