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Crazy day

Something has been wrong with the world for the last 24 hours.

Traffic was decent this morning until i got to the 710 at which point it slowed down really quickly. I decided i should try getting off an exit or two early at del amo and started moving over. As soon as i got into the right lane the two right lanes both completly stopped while the two left lanes were slowly crawling along. Then the two left lanes stopped as well leaving the entire freeway at a standstill, and then a minute or two later a cop fdrove by on the right shoulder. About five minutes after that the traffic started moving slowly again and i got off at del amo, which i'd been only about 100 feet away from. Of course once i get off and am stopped at the light at the exit i look over and see the traffic is _now_ all flowing smoothly =P

One of my coworkers asked me if i was planning on going to dungeon tomorrow. That isn't really that odd in this specific case, but the general case seems a little unusual. I said i'd been thinking about it and she said that she and some of the hollywood crowd were planning on going. I'd originally been thinking of going if my sister's saturday LotR marathon got rescheduled like it seemed it might be for awhile, but otherwise skip it. It looks like it will be happening this saturday after all, but given the chance to see at least one person i know at dungeon and possibly one other as well i think i may just deal with the sleep dep and go anyways.

So sometime this afternoon i got a call on my cell phone. I checked the number and it wasn't one i knew, it wasn't even an area code i knew, so i jfigured it was a wrong number and just let it ring. However a minute or two later i got a voicemail notification. I checked the message and it was from someone at Nintendo wanting to set up an interview! The first question that comes to mind after a few seconds of shock is of course, why couldn't they have done this a few months ago?

After thinking about it for a few more minutes i decided i should call them back tomorrow before i leave for work and let them know i already have a job. However when i mentioned it to Morna later in the evening she started trying to convince me i should do the interview and see what they say. Admitedly working for Nintendo would be cool, and it would get me back into the games industry. However it would mean moving, and it would mean leaving my current job. I'm not particularly enamoured of the job itself, but i seem to be doing a reasonable job of it so far, the people there are cool and friendly, and i feel, having agreed to accept the job, that i have an obligation to stick around for awhile instead of bailing at the first opportunity.

Morna tries to convince me that this place would lay me off just as quickly as any of the other companies did if they felt it was necessary, so my sense of loyalty/obligation is misplaced. She also thinks i should try to follow up on what i really want.

What i'd really like to do is have the interview and get rejected. That way i wouldn't have to deal with the moral issue and i wouldn't feel like i'd missed out on a big opportunity. I tried calling my parents and seeing if they had any advice and they seem to think pretty much along the same lines as me (big suprise, huh?) My dad thinks i should call them back and tell them that i just recently got a job with another company and feel obligated to stick around, but i'm still interested in the games industry and would like them to keep me in mind for a few years down the road.

*sigh* i have this sneaking suspicion that whatever i choose i'm going to regret it later down the line. Okay, maybe it's not so much sneaking as jumping up and down in front of me.

So Morna had some free time tonight and we decided to meet for dinner and then go back to my apartment to watch CSI and, um, the show that comes after it about disapearing people. We decided to meet at the Chili's on Indian Hill at about 7:45 since i figured i'd be getting home between 7:30 and 8. I pulled into the parking lot about 7:50 thinking wow, there's something different about it. Hmmm, it looks rather dark. And empty. And there's no one in the parking lot except for two parked cars. One of them was Morna who had already verified what i suspected, they'd closed shop. They had a sign on the door saying they had a new location on Monte Vista. What's odd is that we were there just a few weeks ago (for that whole burning the roof of my mouth off episode) and there were no signs of closure then. If it was because of the new location they should have known about it by that point, and it would have been wise to inform their customer base so that we had some clue as to what was going to be going on.

So what do i do about the interview? Tell them i already have a job? Do the interview and hope i fail? Do the interview but tell them no if i get an offer? Do the interview and say screw you to my friends at the current job if i get an offer? Pretty straight progression there from what i'd feel most comfortable with to what would be most selfish.

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