DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


My tires still have those fuzzy little baby spikes on them! They're so cute!!!! :)

Well, except that most of the ones on the flat part have already been eaten by the road. Poor spikes :'(

Woke up at 6ish and headed out just before 8. Got there about 8:10 and they had the tires in (obviously =) yay!

They asked me if i wanted to get the alignment checked, since alignment was apparently the one thing not covered by the $431. I told them to go ahead and do the check since it was free and i'd figure out what to do about it once they were done.

So i played some FF2 and watched them move tires around, which was kinda interesting. Then they drove it into the garage to do the balancing and testing stuff. I was kind of expecting them to tell me that it was totally messed up and i really needed to get it aligned, at which point i would probably tell them to go ahead and do it but be worried i was getting scamed and be kinda angry at them. Instead they told me that it was a little out of alignment and that it would probably help to get it re-aligned but that it wasn't necessary, so i was happy and told them to go ahead and do it. Yes, i'm strange :)

So they finished up about 9:30 and i payed for the $60 for alignment in cash since they'd already put the tires on my credit card and i still had that large lump of extra money in my wallet. I'd been thinking of how to get to work after that, with the chocies being backtrack to the 210, get on the 10 which was right there and take it to the 605, or take the 10 but get onto the 57 and then take the 60 over. I decided to take the easy way and just go with the 10, which may have been a mistake. Or at least the 10 was pretty bad and i ended up getting to work about 10:45 =P I pretty much gave up on getting home at a reasonable time so i took a normal lunch and left about 8 and got home about 8:45 or 9 since traffic was so light at that point.

The car feels like it might be a little smoother now, but otherwise it's not too different. It feels a little strange when i change lanes, and one time when i was braking medium hard it made that squeaky tire noise a _lot_ earlier than i'd been expecting, but it didn't do it again after that so i don't know if that was just getting them broken in or if i subconsciously adjusted how i was braking after that or something else entirely.

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