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I left for work about 8:30 today and got here about 9:15-9:20. I'm not sure if it's normally that good around 8:30 if i just got lucky today or what. I'll have to experiment.

I got up at 6 and took a shower and killed a little time until 7:30 until the tire places were supposed to be opening. The first one i tried calling was Big O, which my dad had suggested as a good place to try. They answered the phone but they weren't really _open_ open. They said they carried Yokohama tires but they didn't have any in stock and i'd have to call back after 8:00 to find out how much they would cost. However they said that if i got my order in before 8:30 the tires should be there within the day. Big O was the only one who had hours listed as starting at 7:30 so i played a couple rounds of Katamari Damacy until 8. I tried calling two other places first just to try and get a price range but one of them didn't answer and the other said they didn't cary Yokohama or Dunlop.

So i called back Big O and after waiting on hold for a few minutes the guy looked up the prices and said the Yokohama were $96.99 each, or about $20 more than i could get them online, which i thought was a bad sign. However since i was already talking to him i asked how much it would be out the door for four of them, and he said $431.76! Apparently they're doing like costco and including most of the instalation price in the cost of the tires. That works out to almost exactly the same as the online ones once shipping and instalation are factored in, so i decided to go with Big O.

So assuming nothing goes foobar on their end i should be stopping by there tomorrow morning to get them installed. Just one and a half more trips on the stupid semi-flat tire =P

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