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Testing, testing, are we actually working again now? :) I can load the site but the powerloss page says they're still doing stuff, and i haven't seen any new posts on my friends page in the last few hours.

Iyindo recomended that i should replace my tires since the hole was in the side. A couple websites agreed with her, as did (later on) the person at Costco when i checked there and my dad when i talked to him tonight.

But first of all i wanted to get my registration fixed. Someone at work told me that you could renew your registration at AAA and i decided that sounded better than going ot the DMV. The closest AAA office with saturday hours is in Chino, so i took a shower and headed out at about 12:45. I got a little lost getting there, but finalyl found it just a little after 1. I got my membership renewed but then found out they only did cash or check for the registration renewal, and i'd been counting on being able to use my credit card since i was doing it through AAA. The person who renewed my membership told me where the nearest BoA was and said i had about 20-30 minutes before my name got called, so i ran off ot the bank. Last year i had to pay about $280 for my registration i think, so i overestimated a bit and tried to withdraw $360 just to be safe and was very glad that the ATM actually let me take that much out. I made it back within 15-20 minutes and sat around for another ten or fifteen minutes before getting called. It turns out the registration only cost $140, so i now have a ton of money sitting in my wallet that i don't know what to do with =P I also found out that i need to get a smog check, so they gave me some kind of temporary thing and said if i passed the smog check i would get a sticker there, but if i failed it i had to come back to AAA to get some kind of temporary permit. I'm not sure what the thing i actually have is if not a temporary thing. Oh well, i'll just go get the smog check and see what happens.

So i stopped by Costco on the way back since i was heading up Central anyways. Had a hot dog and then went in to look at the tires. They said they only had one set of tires that fits my car, "Bridgestone Dueler H/T D684 II". They said it would take 7-10 days for them to be delivered, so i took some notes but decided to wait before actually ordering any. I came home and did some research on the net and they got really mediocre reviews from people. I found a place called TireRack that sells tires and has reviews and ratings which i used to check out a lot of tires. According to the user reviews the "Yokohama Geolander H/T-S G051" tires are really good and $10 each cheaper than the Bridgestone ones. However i'd have to pay $50 for shipping plus an additional $10-20 per tire to get them installed, although they would theoretically be ready two or three days after i ordered them.

So at this point i decided to call up my parents and ask them what they knew about tires. My dad pulled out the Consumer Reports article on tires and said that the Bridgestone ones got a pretty good rating, but some of the reviews i'd read online said specifically stuff like "that's the last time i trust consumer reports," so i wasn't sure who to believe. He said Yokohama got a decent rating, but not as good as Bridgestone, and we then found that "Dunlap Radial Rover A/T" ranked pretty highly on both the lists we were looking at, though not quite as high as the Yokohama in my list or the Bridgestone in his list.

So now i need to look for some more online review sites to decide between the Yokohama and the Dunlap, and then try to find a place locally that has, or will order, whichever i decide on so i don't need to pay $50 extra for shipping. Hopefully i can find someplace tomorrow that's open so i can get them replaced then or at least ordered.

Sigh, i hate dealing with car things =P Why can't they just magically work?

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