DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

!@%%^@&$! tires!! I went out to my car at 7:45 today and found that the same tire was flat again! Or rather, the different, spare tire that is now in the same place as the other tire that went flat was. Luckily it wasn't anywhere near as flat as the other tire had been, so i drove carefully to the gas station and filled it up and i didn't hear any hissing or anything, so i hoped it was safe to drive on. I really need to figure out what to do about the tires this weekend.

Conference was okay. The last session ended at 4:15ish and the reception for the banquet that was tonight started at 5. I hung out with some people for a bit and then went out to my car to get my jacket and tie which i'd left in there. Came back in and hung out with people some more. It's kind of depressing how much better the others get along with each other, partly because a lot of them went to school with each other, but partially also cause they're just more social i think. They certainly did a lot of flirting with each other which is something i've never known how to do, though i wish i did.

After hanging around at the reception for a bit we all went inside to the ballroom place and grabbed seats. The dev team (or at least the subsection of it i was with) managed to get a whole table to ourselves so we didn't have to deal with any VARs. Once the awards part started we quietly talked to each other and goofed off and pretended to clap every so often. After the awards bit was over they brought out a flamenco band, which we decided meant it was time to leave :)

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