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People were nuts on the road today. While i was on the 605 there were three people who must have been street raching or something. At least the three of them were sticking pretty close together while all weaving in and out of traffic with very small margins and going at least 20 mph faster than everyone else. And of course it was still raining and the road was soaking wet. Then when i was getting onto the 210 the guy in the next lane over apparently didn't notice that his lane was merging and he was heading into a truck, so then he suddenly started moving over into _my_ lane to get out of the way of the truck and i had to brake fairly hard to get behind him.

In less exciting news i found out this morning what the ants were attacking, my leftover candy canes :( It looks like only one or two had broken wrappers, so i'm wondering if i can declare the rest to be okay. Then as i was heading out the door i found out how the ants were getting into the apartment. The door =P So i quickly grabed the mint spray and sprayed the edges of the door, and i'm trying not to think about what happened to the poor ants who were trapped inside the apartment =/

I should be getting to bed fairly soon. The conference thing is at the Anaheim Hilton, which means it's about 15 minutes closer than normal (or more depending on traffic.) However registration starts at 7 and we're all supposed to be there for the keynote address being presented by the president of the company at 8, so being late for that would obviously be a bad idea. Leaving at 6:30 would _probably_ be safe, but i'm tempted to leave closer to 6 just to be sure.

And speaking of that apparently we get to do a late night thing at Disneyland on saturday. Of course that means that i probably shouldn't be going to Dungeon this week. Not sure how much fun Disneyland would be alone, so hopefully i'll be able to leach onto someone.

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