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Morna loaned me the first two books to Anne Bishop's Dark Jewels trillogy and a Sharon Shinn book before i flew home. I read most of the first Dark Jewels book on the plane flight and finished it pretty quickly after getting home. I read the Sharon Shinn book next, which took me a little while to get into and took several days to finish. Not as good as Summers at Castle Auburn i don't think, but okay. I went back to the second Dark Jewels book after that and finished it off pretty quickly as well. I'm not really quite sure how to explain the style, kind of generic fantasy book with some sex added in. Despite that they were obviously addictive, however i had a hard time keeping track of anyone except the main characters or what their relationships to each other all were, it was kind of confusing.

We went to the mall after christmas to get some stuff and since i was all out of new books i decided to stop by the bookstore. All they had there was a Walden Books though, which had really crappy selection.. Luckily they had the third Dark Jewels book that i'd been looking for, but none of the other stuff. So after looking through for awhile i picked out Robin McKinley's "Sunshine," and Kelly Armstrong's "Bitten."

I finished off the Black Jewels trillogy first and then went on to Bitten, which i read most of on the flight home. Bitten is kind of similar to Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books but with more plot and less sex, ie like the early Anite Blake books when they were good instead of mediocre =P Bitten is about werewolves and set in more of a real world setting, modern america with the public having no idea that werewolves or anything else exist. It also has reasonable numbers for such a scenario, at one point it mentions that there are something like a couple dozen werewolves total in the world. Not the teeming hordes like in Whitewolf :) It wasn't quite as addictive as the early Anita Blake books, but it was still pretty good, and leaps and bounds ahead of the latest Anita Blake book.

So after that i got on to Sunshine, which was wonderful. It goes kind of the other direction Bitten. It is set in the present day, or something very similar, but after the magical equivalent of World War III between the humans and the vampires. The humans theoretically won and are busy recovering from the aftereffects. The vampires aren't gone, but they're in hiding, while all the other magical races and humans with magical abilities are supposed to be registered with the government. (More of in a beaurocratic "you have to pay a fine for practicing unlicensed magic" thing then a fascist off to the death camps type thing, but there is a certain amount of prejudice involved.) Other than that the story is a fairly standard girl gets thrown together with vampire and the two of them have to work together to survive type thing, but the setting and the style more than make up for it.

So when i got home i decided to go to Borders and get yet more books. I got Kelly Armstong's "Stolen," the sequel to "Bitten," Jude Fisher's "Wild Magic," the sequel to "Fool's Gold" which i read awhile ago, and Martha Wells' "The Death of the Necromancer" and "The Wizard Hunters."

"Stolen" involves most of the people from the first book but (small spoiler which you get told on the back of the book) involves other supernatural races as well, which the werewolves hadn't known about up until this point. I got sucked into this one even more than Bitten (this was the one i got distracted reading while killing time waiting for Dungeon.) I finished it off on saturday and started Death of the Necromancer but haven't gotten more than a few pages into that so far.

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