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Woke up at 6 as usual but was a little slow getting out of bed, and into the shower, and showering itself. I ended up leaving about 7:15 instead of 7 or a little earlier like i'd been hoping. It was raining heavily again this morning, and triffic was kind of icky because of it of course. I ended up getting to the repair place about 8:30 instead of 8. They said it would take about an hour for them to finish up everything, which is almost exactly what it took. They changed my oil, checked my brakes, which have awhile to go, and took a look at the flat tire. They said that they couldn't fix it but they thought a tire place could. They said i could take it to the place right next door but i decided i was already late enough to work. Ended up getting there about 10.

Friday was chinese lunch as usual, and the group of people with whom i hav become somewhat absorbed by decided they didn't want to have chinese, but they didn't want to go out in the rain, which i wholeheartedly agreed with. They decided they should order out, personally i thought it would be simpler (and therefore better) just to put up with the chinese food, especially since we had a meeting scheduled at 1. However i'm still trying to be encouraging of them wanting to associate with me at least a little, so i went along with the idea.

We ordered the food, and it was late of course. We put a note on the door telling them where to take it while we went to the meeting, but they still hadn't shown up by the time the meeting was done. It was a fairly short meeting, about 20 minutes, but it wouldn't have mattered cause the food wasn't there by 2 either. It finally showed up at 2:30, 2 hours after we'd ordered it. It was still hot though so either they just forgot about us or were very backlogged. I can imagine the deliveries were taking longer than normal, someone who'd gone to Carl Jr's for lunch said Long Beach blvd was flooded.

So i finished up about 6:45 and stuck around till 7:15, but had to leave at that point cause i was almost the last person left. So i went and sat in my car and read for awhile. Then at 8:30 i decided to go get some food. I decided to take this as an opportunity to find some more resturants in the area and drove around until i found a Burger King (i would also have settled for del taco =) I had two cheeseburgers and a small drink and then went out to my car again to read until 9:30 or 9:45. Or so i thought, i got sucked into the book and then suddenly realized it was 10 :) So i headed off and got there about 10:30, just barely too late to use the $5 pass, but that's okay because i hadn't been able to print out a copy of it anyways :)


So, the new location. There's lots of free street parking, which is pretty good. Slightly less good when it means you have to walk about two blocks in the rain though =P

The place itself is... small. It probably has at least as much floor space as Club Blue did, but it's a lot more subdivided. There main dance room is probably about as big as the front room dance section at Club Blue, and there's a small number of seats attached to it. There's a bar area next to it with more seating, but you can't see the dance area from there. On the second floor there's a somewhat smaller bar, which is where they're doing the stage shows. There's not much seating, and half the show was back in the corner where not too many people could see it. It looked like there was a little more seating in small room behind it, but it was somewhat hazardous to get to since it involved walking about two feet behind the guy swinging the flail. The second dance floor is upstairs and is tiny. It starts getting crowded at about a dozen people. It also happens to be right next to the outdoor smoking area, which wasn't a problem _most_ of the time. You can see the stage show if you're standing in the far corner of the second dance floor, and thats it, so no more dancing and watching the stage show at the same time.

Other than the size and line of sight issues it's pretty much teh same. Cool music, lots of cute girls, none of whom pay any attention to me. In fact the only person to speak to me the entire night was a guy who accused me of stealing his friends cell phone =P Saw a cute girl who looked kind of like caithris. Saw another girl who kind of reminded me of ebeth. I spent most of the time dancing, and the snack beforehand seems to have worked out well, since i didn't get really hungry or thirsty the entire time. Left when the club closed at 2.

Drive Home:

It was still raining when i went out, but it seemed a bit lighter than when i'd gotten there. Then i got to the freeway and it started pouring. After five or ten miles it lightened up again, but when i started going over the hill on the 10 before the Pomona/Claremont area it started pouring again. After that at several points it felt like i was starting to hydroplane despite the fact that i was driving straight forward at a steady rate, kind of disturbing. Luckily there weren't many people on the road at that point, and we were all going at reasonable speeds (40-60) and staying pretty far apart.

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