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Okay, the plan for tomorrow (unless i get a better offer from someone else, which would have to be one of thaisacat, sithjawa, or iyindo i guess) is to head off early at 7ish and hopefully get to the repair place at 8. Hopefully they'll only take 30-60 minutes to change the oil and fix/condemn the tire (i plan on bringing along a book and/or my DS) So i should get to work between 9 and 10, although actually being late wouldn't be too bad.

After work i'll stick around the office for as long as there are other people there (i don't have a security code yet) and kill time playing Quake or reading webpages or something. After everyone else heads off, or about 8 or 9, i'll leave and go get some dinner or something. Then drive up to LA and try to find the new Dungeon location and hope it's about 10 or 11 when i get there.

Then head home about 2ish of course. And then on saturday i need to go to the DMV =P

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