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Crappy day

Yesterday mostly sucked

Kialyn said she was going to try to be on IM wednesday morning so i hung around the apartment until about 8:05 hoping to see her, but she never showed up. So i got out to my car at about 8:10 and found that my rear left tire was _very_ flat :(

I tried to figure out when that could have happened. I'm pretty sure i would have noticed if it was like that tuesday morning when i left for work. I might not have noticed getting in the car at work since i'm usually in more of a hurry then, and partway home i noticed that my car was acting a little funny. However when i started driving (slowly) to the gas station two blocks away it was really bumpy, and i'd like to think i would have noticed if it was like that when i left work the previous day.

I got to the gas station and spent a buck on the air machine filling the tier back up. I checked the pressure on the other tires just for something to do while waiting to see if the tire was noticeably leaking. When i came back again and checked closer i heard a hissing sound. Once i had the auditory clue it was pretty obvious where the leak was from. There was about an inch long radial crack on the side of the tire that i could feel air coming out of, and when i put my finger on it it stopped.

I figured there was no way that was going to hold up if i tried to drive to work on it. I've got a spare tire but my knowledge of changing tries is academic at best, and i knew it would take a long time and be really messy if i tried to do it myself. My AAA is expired (speaking of which i need to renew it now that i have money) so i finally decided to go to the repair place behind the arco station. So i drove the quarter of a block over and asked if they could change the tire for me, and they said sure.

So i pulled the car up and a guy game out and jacked the car up and had a little air powered drilly type thing to undo the screw things, and swapred the two tires in five or ten minutes. I was really suprised when they only charged me five dollars for it.

Before heading off i tried to clean my hands with a couple paper napkins i had in the car, but they were coated with dirt and grime from the refilling/checking the tires process. I got some of it off, but my hands were still kinda icky.

So i headed off to work and was so busy trying to figure out when i could go to my nromal repair place to get them to fix or replace the broken tire (and check the oil while they were at it, which i'd actually been thinking about earlier in the week) that i drove right past my exit on the 210 =P So i spent about 10 minutes turning around from that =P

Once i got to work i signed in, about 30 mintues later than usual which wasn't anywhere near as bad as i'd been expecting, and went to the bathroom to try and wash my hands off. I used a lot of soap and water and got most of the grime off, but now my hands smelled like washroom soap, which i hate =P

Of course it was kind of a blessing in disguise since i still had a lot of black stuff imbeded in the edges of my fingernails, and since i tend to chew on my nails when i'm not paying attention it was usefull that the soapy smell made me recoil everytime my hands got near my mouth =P

So i went back to the washroom an hour or two later and scrubbed at my nails with a papertowel and water (but no soap!) and got _most_ of the rest of the grime off. Partly because lunch was pretty soon and they were doing pizza, and i didn't want to be eating that with dirty hands/fingernails. So i went down to lunch when they "announced" it. As usual there was a long line, and i tried not to be greedy and just got two slices to start with, and not very big slices either. I was happy that they actually had diet coke this time though :) So i finished those two slices off and considered going back for a third slice, but they were already all out! :( And there were still a few people showing up who didn't get anything =/ And of course the stuff i did get was peperoni, since they never order cheese pizza =/

The day got slightly better after that. I'd been kinda stressed out and unable to concentrate all morning and didn't get much work done, and the same continued in the afternoon. However i did get into an IM conversation about anime and video games with one of my female coworkers, and then Morna emailed me and said she'd be interested in hanging out that evening, so after a few emails we'd agreed i would meet her at her place at about 8.

So the rest of the day was pretty blah. Left work at 6:45 and made pretty good time and got to here place a little before 8 despite the extra distance. It would have been a sub-one-hour trip if i'd been heading straight home. She re-gave me my christmas present, Katmari Damacy(sp) which she'd been holding hostage ;) and we decided to go to Chili's.

We decided to get an apetizer, and just to prove that my bad day wasn't quite over yet fate decided to burn my mouth =P We got the southwestern eggrolls, which were very hot. However they slice them at an angle so they're kinda traingle shaped. I took a bite out of the thin end and it wasn't too bad, so then i took a bite out of the thick end, and it was _really_ hot. Some of it must have stuck to the top of my mouth or something because within five or ten minutes i could feel two soft smooth lumps on the top of my mouth, so either i've got the fastest developing case of mouth cancer ever or i managed to give myself two rather large blisters on the roof of my mouth =P

Other than that dinner was good. We stopped by the store on the way back to her place so she could pick up a few things and then i dropped her off and headed home. I got back a little before 10 and then spent about an hour playing Katmari Damacy and then stayed up till about 11:30 finishing the book i was reading =P Silly me.

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