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When to get ahold of me

For those few people who have any interest in talking to me outside of LJ, especially those people who might want to arrange hanging out times:

Currently i usually get up about 6, and leave for work at about 8. I'm normally on IM during that period, which is realy only convenient for people on the east coast =P (Oh, and about 30-45 minutes in the middle of that is taken up with a shower)

On most days i get home between 7:30 and 8:30, so if anyone wants to hang out it would be nice to arrannge it at least a few hours beforehand so i can go straight to wherever without killing too much more of the evening.

I normally check email around lunch, and try to remember to check it again before i leave. My cellphone doesn't work too well in the office, but if you leave a voice message it will _eventually_ notice and buzz at me.

Once i actually get home i'm back on IM of course, usually till about 9 or 10 when i go curl up in bed.

Of course if anyone wants to talk to me a day or two ahead of time and set something up i can always do something silly like go into work early so i can get home at a decent hour :)

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