DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Today was certainly an interesting commute day.

It was raining when i got up this morning so i was already not looking forward to the drive to woek before i even got outside. When i did go outside i found it was raining pigs and elephants. I left a little before 8, but i needed to stop by the store to get a new comb (my old one disapeared at some point yesterday :( ) so i didn't end up actually heading to work till a little after 8. There didn't seem to be a huge number of cars on the freeway, but they were all driving fairly slow, which was quite sensible given the conditions. The freeway looked even emptier than it probably was because of the sucky visibility conditions. There was one part where i was on a small rise and could only see one car in front of me and the entire rest of the freeway looked empty, and then as i drove down into the dip i realized there were quite a few cars ahead of me (well, like a half dozen or so) but i couldn't see them before because of the rain coming down and the spray being kicked up. When i was more level with them i could see their tailights because they were shining back straight at me, but when i had been looking at them from a moderate angle they were blocked out.

I saw an accident or two on the side of the road, but other than that traffic was pretty smooth, and after i got out of the worst part of the rain it hit a pretty steady 40-50 mph and i actually got to work in just 58 minutes. Yay!

When i left work at 6:30 it was still very cloudy, but the streets were actually pretty dry, and there were only a few brief and very light spots of rain on the trip home. However there was a lot of REALLY fucking bright lightning over LA. A couple of them lit up the entire sky in that direction. There was almost _no_ traffic on the road. There were quite a few cars (although less than average for that time of day) but everything was moving really smothly, even the ramps. I don't think i went below 45 the whole time and spent most of the trip in the 60-70 range and got home in just 43 minutes! :) Too bad every day can't be like that =P

It's too bad no one is around and wanting to hang out since i'm home so early =/

In less interesting news, after giving my body a night to rest i've found that i've got a small blister on the bottom of my left foot and a medium sized blister on the side of my right foot, my left bicep is kinda sore, and my forearms feel just fine... except for when i try to stretch them =P The rest of me seems to be in reasonably good shape.

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