DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Moving stuff

Got up at sevenish this morning but then made the mistake of reading "just a few more pages" and didn't get into the shower till 7:50, which meant i ended up leaving at 8:50 instead of 8:15-8:30 like i'd originallly been planning. However i still got there before my sister and brother-in-law did :)

So i was there at 9:30 and there were four people there already (including the two who were moving) and we spent until sometime between noon and one packing up the van while more people trickled in. At that point we decided to take a lunch break before heading to the new apartment and after discussing it for probably longer than was necessary we decided to go to Costco. At that point i think there were about eleven of us.

We had lots of cheap food at costco and then split off again to head to the new place. We kind of trickled in since some people went off to pick up the van and stuff or had other things they'd forgotten to do, but by about 2:30 we were unpacking stuff and moving it in. The new place has a stairway with a 90 degree turn in it in the middle, which made moving the bigger items up, especially the fridge, a real pain.

We were getting fairly close to done around four when it started to rain, so we made the last several trips running (or at least walking quickly) through the rain, with a couple attempts to construct some kind of umbrella out of some plastic sheeting which didn't work too well.

When we were done we tried to figure out logistics for the evening. We wanted to do a movie or some red dwarf afterwards, but they didn't have their new tv yet. They hadn't gotten it yet because it wouldn't fit in their car, but they figured out it would fit just fine in the back of mine, so i did a caravan back to the rental place with the person driving the van and then stopped by their old apartment to pick up some lamps that had been left behind (since the new place had almost no overhead lights) and get the other car and then stopped by best buy to get the tv.

We'd discussed going to Bucca de Beppo for dinner earlier, and after some cell phone conversations we decided to meet them there rather than going straight back to the apartment. We decided to take the 5 and the 22 back instead of the 405 because on the way down we'd noticed a huge accident on the 405 N which had traffic backed up for miles and didn't look to be getting cleared anytime soon. That actually took us pretty close to the Bucca de Beppo near them, but once we got to the general area we couldn't find where the hell they'd put the place.

We knew it was just after the freeway, and we were pretty sure it was on the right, but we couldn't figure out exactly where. After circling around once i got a call from him saying _he_ had just circled around once and he was pretty sure it was in the complex off of edinger, which i was also heading towards so i pulled in there too. Then we both wandered (well, drove) around trying to figure out exactly where it was for five or so minutes. After getting into a kinda dark and spooky part of the complex where they were doing construction and everything was shut down i gave up and was going to head to the complex on the other side of edinger, but when i got to the exit i saw a kind of ghetto plastic sign hanging on fence at the intersection pointing back into the shopping complex. So i turned around and headed back through the blacked otu area of the mall, at which point the other person happened to start following me, and we both spent another minute or two wandering around the parking lots in back of the stores before we figured out it must be along the street behind that. There was no sign saying which way to go, but luckily we guessed right the first time and went right, however you then needed to make a left turn to get to the resturant which was again not marked at all, and he saw the place ahead and to the left and caught the turn and i missed it and had to go all the way around the block and try again =P

It was probably the hardest time i've ever had finding a resturant in my life. Of couse if it weren't for the fact that there were other people already waiting there i probably would have given up midway through the process.

Some people had disapeared by this point so we were down to eight of us. We had a lot of yummy food and afterwards two more people headed home and the last six of us went back to the apartment and brought the tv in and set it up and watched three episodes of red dwarf before calling it quits at 11.

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