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Crappy start to a new year =P

Set my alarm for noon after going to bed at fivish, but didn't manage to get out of bed till a little after one. Then came out to the living room and found out that two people had tried to IM me and finally given up and logged off just ten minutes earlier =P

I was thinking about going to dungeon tonight if it was open, so i poked around the net to try and get the current schedule. What i found out is that club blue has been shut down for some reason that i haven't been able to figure out yet, so everyone is moving around. Dungeon is switching to fridays and opening at its new place on the 7th. They also did a new years eve thing at yet a third location which obviously i couldn't have made it to.

The friday thing is going to be kind of annoying. If i want to go to dungeon i either need to drive all the way home from work at 6ish, get home about 8ish, then turn around and drive back out to LA at 10. Or i can try to kill four or five hours somewhere in the Long Beach/LA area between the time work finishes and Dungeon starts up, but i would have to find some place to change clothes during that time.

All in all it's just a big pile of suck so far =P

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