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I unlocked the EDF Soldier, and i was expecting something kind of high tech, and a person in a space suit certainly counts, but i wasn't counting on the spacesuit being so _ugly_. It looks like those stereotypical deep-sea diving suits with the a huge spherical helmet with a round glass plate in front. I decided to leave my Scout as Vincent, and decided i would pretend the person in the suit was Yuna was a _really_ fucked up Gunner dressSphere. I think the angel _might_ be female, so i named her Terra.

I finally got a Majin, and despite the fact he's purple i did name him T.G. Cid :)

And now for some _real_ geeking :)

There are a _ton_ of items in the game. Eight kinds of weapons pluss the armor, each of which has at least 40 ranks (one item in each rank) and a whole lots of random other kinds of items, most of which have about 5 - 10 ranks each. And each item has its own unique description, some of which are very silly :) I decided to catalog some of my favorites :) (ANd this is just out of the set of items i currentl have, there are some i've gotten that i've since sold or given away, and quite a few i've never even had one of)

Wristband: Soaks up sweat
Rock Fist: Loses to paper a lot
Mach Punch: Fast is good
Silver Arm: Your arm turns silver. How embarrassing
Demonic Fist: A demon will dwell in your hand. So?
Kwanca: Sounds foreign, but I forget its origin
Platinum Arm: Your arm turns platinum. It won't bend...
Common Sword; Go buy something better
Stabbing Knife: You really shouldn't stab people with this
Light Sabre: The force may be with you
Common Spear: Cheapest spear ever. Bleh
Silver Lance: What if it's actually aluminium?
Venomous Spear: If ingested, contact your physician
Golden Lance: It's just gold plated
Bone Lance: Made from dragon bone. Smells bad
Chaladholg: Be the first on the block to own one!
Common Bow: A bow made during an arts & crafts class
Shining Arrow: Rather lackluster, despite its name
Judgement Arrow: Person hit will face some sort of judgement
Golden Bow: Bow made of of gold (perhaps)
Platinum Bow: Bow made out of platinum (or not)
Model 24: It hurts if it hits. Well, duh!
Ion 9k Samurai: This ray gun is NOT for laser tag
Kariten: Legendary gun used by some guy
Common Axe: Practically a toy
Falcon Axe: Speedy axe... Such an oxymoron. but it's true
Enchanted Axe: A magical axe. Buy now!
Adamant Axe: A friggin' strong axe
Headhunter: Great for chopping heads off *heart*
Hellish Axe: Experience a living hell. Accepting volunteers
Enchanted Staff: People will think that you're a mage
Sage's Staff: Owning this doesn[t make you a sage instantly
Staff of Hope: Don't get your hopes too high!
Golden Staff: If it's made of reral gold, I'll take it!
Rune Staff: It's the talk of the town
Rainbow Rod: Colorful goodness in every rod!
Gambantein: Some old geezer's staff
Shocking Grasp: Works wonders on tense shoulders
Lizard Tail: Still wriggling
Spiked Shell: Too many spikes to count
Vampire Fang: I wamt tp suck your blood!
Lionheart: Why is this classified as a weapon?
Nessie Attack: Sell pictures to the tabloids!
Medusa Eye: A stone-cold stare. Literally
Mystic Eye: Looook into my eyes...
Demong's Hand: Your hand becomes demon-like
Destroy: Used in order to, uh, destroy
Protector: Basevall equipment
Bulletproof Vest: Can stop bullets. Watch out for head shots
Muscle Armor: Will make you buff like an action star
Prophet's Robe: Secondhand coat of a great prophet
Cactus Armor: Don't hug anyone with this on
Evil Armor: Only the good die young... Muhahaha
Mega-Power Belt: Hot item on the shopping channel
Super Belt: Makes you feel somewhat super
Love Belt: Never underestimate the power of love!
Guts Belt: Allows you to have a lot of gut, er, guts
Flacon Shoes: Falcons wear shoes?
Angel's Sandals: They smell heavenly*heart*
Accelerator: Makes you faster. Don't ask, "Why teeth?"
Magnifying Glass: You won't miss a single clue with this
Nerd Glasses: Makes you look smart
Nightvision: Infrared. Useful for late-night strolls
Veggie Burger: "A veggie burger is NOT a hamburger!"

Okay, i should go pack now. Well, soon anyway. Right after i've finished playing with the Majin :)

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