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I hate my new schedule =P

I stayed up "late" last night till sometime between 11 and midnight, and fell asleep on the couch. Woke up again at 2ish and crawled off to bed.

I "slept in" until 7:45 at which point i kinda of woke up on my own and was kinda poked awake by my cat, who wanted some food.

The only good thing to come of this was that i got to watch Teen Titans because it was on at 8 this week instead of 7. After that was over i cleaned up a little and thought about taking a shower, except that i remembered i had no soap left. So i decided to go to the store and get some soap, and as long as i was at it why not stop by the recycling place?

So i start to pull out of the parking lot and glace at the clock and think, what the hell? It's 9:00 on a saturday morning and i'm wide awake and doing chores! Stupid stupid schedule!

But anyways bought soap and shampoo and toothpaste and stuff, and some WD-40 since the lock to my apartment is getting _really_ stiff and annoying. Then went to the recycling place, except on the drive over i suddenly couldn't remember if it opened at 9 or 10. I figured i would stop by and see if they were open and if not go to Best Buy to get christmas presents. They were open, but as i was handing the guy my cans i noticed the sign claimed they opened at 10. I don't know why they were open early and hope the guy wasn't pissed at me. I got almost $5 for the cans, which isn't too bad.

I decided since it was still before 10 i might as well go to Best Buy anyways, since it would probably be less crowded then than later in the day. I managed to find the last couple DVDs i was looking for for my parents and sister and decided to get a GBA game for myself as well for the plane flight home. I was thinking about getting the new Kingdom Hearts game, except when i looked at the back it mentioned something about a card based system, which i'm not sure if i'd like, so i got FF Dawn of Souls instead. There was a line but it wasn't too long, and whil i was waiting in line i was adding up the stuff in my head, and figuring it should be about $125 - $150. However the total came out to $155, so i checked the receipt and they had double-charged me for the GBA game =P So they sent me over to customer service and i got to wait in line there for five or ten minutes so i could get my money back. For awhile there were four people in line and one person at customer service (who wasn't actually at the customer service desk, which confused everyone) They finally added another person about the time the line built up to seven or eight people in the two lines (one at the customer service desk and one where the customer service rep was)

But anyways, i'm all done with christmas shopping now, although i may want to go to borders tonight or tomorrow to get some books for the flight and while i'm at home.

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