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Argh! Trafiic!

I left a little late this morning, 8:15, because i decided to do laundry early this morning rather than late last night. It shouldn't have made that big a deal, but the 605 _sucked_. I'm not sure if it's always that bad at that time and i've just barely missed it before, or if it was a fluke. I ended up getting to work at 10:30, two hours and fifteen minutes commuting.

I asked my immedite boss if i should give him a call the next time i get stuck in traffic and he said he hadn't even noticed that i hadn't shown up yet, so don't bother :)

On the plus side i got to have lunch with a cute geeky girl today. Of couse she's also a married coworker who's about my sister's age, but you can't have everything (or even most things apparently.) Today was chinese food, and friday is also chinese food, so we decided to go out to jamba juice. Of course it wasn't a very long lunch since i wanted to make up for the 605 being so slow and she wanted to make up for the 405 being slow, apparently it was a bad traffic day for everyone.

I left work at 7:15 and spent 10-15 minutes in the 405-710 ramp. The 710 was clear, the 91 was a little slow, and then shortly after getting on the 605 the left land came to a sudden halt. I saw a lot of people pulling out of the lane ahead of me so i moved over a lane and sure enough there were two or three cars that had bumped each other and people were standing around discussing it. I got back into the left lane and almost immediatly it came to a halt _again._ I saw people pulling out of the lane ahead of me, so i did as well, and guess what i saw again?

I guess i can't blame them for trying to cross three or four lanes of heavy traffic to pull off to the side, but still it was pretty annoying.

After that the traffic decided to be forgiving and i made up for some lost time and got home at 8:20.

No one seems to be around and interested in dinner and i'm not feeling that hungry, so without the motivation of other people i think i'll just go eat some ice cream or something.

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