DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Had dinner with my sister and brother-in-law at Red Robin's last night, and afterwards we watched a little Mini-Goddesses and Excel Saga and a lot of Nadesico. I got home about 12:30 and went to bed about 4 am. Probably not a good idea for my sleep schedule, but oh well.

Got up at 11 or noon and spent a while playing Disgaea. I've gotten one of the additional endings now, only six more to go :)

Left to do chore type stuff about 4. I tried to do recycling first, but the staffed part is closed on sunday =/ I could have recycled my uncrushed cans with the automatic thing, but i decided to wait until i could do them all at once, which will probably be next saturday.

Went to Trader Joe's next and got snacks. I found out they now have dark chocolate covered soy nuts, yay! Got some trail mix and balance bars and two cans of Monster that i can use to wake myself up in the morning if i'm feeling tired. Then while i was wandering through the refrigerated area i decided to get some dinner stuff too instead of eating at Costco like i'd been thinking earlier. Got some spinach for salad and some brie cheese (since they didn't have any cambozola) and some french bread.

There were lots of cute girls there, including one at the cash register who asked me what kind of anime i watched. It took me a second to realize it was because i was wearing my "anime junkie" t-shirt. So we discused anime series while she rang up my stuff and she told me about a place nearby called "Orbit Squared" that rents anime, which might be a usefull thing to know.

So went to Costco after that and got gas and then went inside. I gave into temptation and picked up the DVD for Hero. I haven't actually seen it yet, but the previews looked really cool, and people i know who have seen it said it was cool, so i figured it wasn't too risky. Went and looked at clothes and got two more pairs of dockers and a shirt. Unfortunatly they only had long-sleeved shirts so i'm going to be kind of unhappy while wearing it, but at least i have four complete sets of dressy clothes now.

Went to Best Buy after that but they didn't have any of the DVDs my parents want =P They did have the one i was thinking about getting for my sister but i didn't really want to wait in line for just one DVD. I'll have to go to DVD Planet next weekend and hope they have them there.

Came home and had yummy salad and brie cheese and french bread dinner. Now i'm feeling kind of lazy. I should do laundry but i think i may just wear my new clothes tomorrow and do laundry tomorrow night.

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