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Blah blah

Finished my first quasi-week at work yesterday. The had chinese food for the free lunch which was pretty good, although they ran out of orange chicken before we got there which is apaprently a quite common occurance and something the people in development has complained about before.

Sprint gets about zero reception in the office. Several other people have gotten cell phone calls so either they're using a different provider or my cell phone just sucks. I got a voice message from Morna and my phone eventually buzzed to tell me about it and it took three or four tries before i actually managed to get into voice mail and find out that she wanted to know if i was interested in dinner. I sent her an email back before i left at 6:30 but she apparently never got it and called me again while i was driving home. I told her that yes i'd be interested in dinner and we agreed i'd give her a call when i got home. All in all the drive home took about an hour and twenty minuest =P

I gave Morna a call and we decided to go have dinner and then see a movie afterwards if we had time. I picked her up at her place and we went out to Ontario Mills and had dinner at Chevy's. We got seated right away but the service was pretty slow. Morna got the brie cheese and apple quesadillas, but they seem to have changed the recipie since the last time either of us had them, becuase they weren't as good this time. After that we went to see the 9:50 showing of Kinsey, which was pretty good.

I got home about 12:30 after dropping Morna off and played a little Disgaea before falling asleep on the couch =P

My sister emailed me on friday to say we should hang out this weekend, so i'm going down to their place pretty soon. Have a lot of chores i should be doing tomorrow. Laundry, buying some more clothes at Costco or the mall, going to Trader Joes to get snacks. Pretty much all work related stuff =P

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