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Today was reverse day or something =P

I left a little late cause i was waiting for a CD to finish burning, and then i had to go get gas. I left the gas station about 7:43 and ran into some pretty heavy traffic. However it must have bene heavy traffic for a very short length, because i got to work at 8:50 :)

Today was Subway for lunch, which apparently isn't too popular. A lot of people decided to go elsewhere. One person had brought their own food and one person decided to walk to the subway across the street and a group of people including the two i actually know decided to go to quizno's and invited me along. Clearly the complaint is not about subs in general. Apparently they don't like the lack of selection, and one person claimed they make the subs differently when they're making them for big lunches than they do if you go in and order them.

But anyways i figured that being responsive to people trying to include me is a good thing, so i went out for lunch for the first time there.

Got to listen to mp3s today, yay! Been a long time since i've listened to so much video game remix music :) It's the perfect kind of music for working to.

Left at 6:26 and then spent ten minutes on the 405 to 710 connecter and another 5-10 minutes on the 710 to 91 connector (i was allready so glazed over by that point that i'd stopped keeping track) The 605 was better for a fair bit, but not great and there was still occasionaly major slowdowns. Got home about 7:45, an hour and twenty minutes home.

Kialyn is busy working and didn't feel like dinner and i'm feeling too tired and lazy to go out and eat on my own, so i made food for myself for the first time in three days.

Did i mention that when i was in the doctors office on tuesday for the drug test they had _Barney_ playing on the tv in the reception area? (Why would a doctors office inflict that on people? Especially one specialized in drug testing??) He was singing some stupid song about bread. Something about "i have this kind of bread, it's very yummy, would you like a bite?" followed by a chorus of all the stuff they'd gone through already "yum yum bagels, yum yum white bread, yum yum pita pocket," etc. Yargh. So i was making dinner tonight and maybe it was the hot dug buns that did it, but i suddenly found myself humming in my mind "i get hot dogs, yum yum hot dogs" to the tune of that song, and i almost screamed =P Gah!

Okay, that's enough randomness from me.

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