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Morning stuff

Had really weird dreams yesterday night

It started out with me in some Stargate or Ambrai type universe, teleporting to various different places trying to get something done. Then it morphed into a dream where i was trying to convince my parents to watch Stargate. Then my parents and sister and i were wandering through some kind of mall-like place with a street though the middle (like 3rd street promenade or the pike place market or that disney thing) except i don't think the people in the dream were the same people as my parents and my sister in real life, and i'm not sure if i was actually a younger version of myself or someone entirely different. But in any case people started pulling up in cars along the street in the middle and shooting at us with shotguns, so we started throwing some kind of spears back at them, and before it managed to morph again i woke up.

And both yesterday and today i've woken up about ten or fifteen minutes before my alarm went off in a panic that i've overslept and am now hours late. Very annoying at the time, but it does make sure i'm woken up :)

I left for work about 7:35 yesterday and got there about 8:55, so i think i'll be leaving at 7:30 for awhile now and see how that goes. Although Pava was telling me that he usually shows up a fair bit later than 9, so i'll try to keep better track of when other people are showing up and maybe shift my schedule some later.

In any case though for the moment i'm thinking of continuing to try and get up at 6. If i have trouble getting up in the morning that will (hopefully_ still give me time to get ready and get off to work on time. If i wake up easily as i have the past two days then it gives me time to do a couple things in the morning, such as play Disgaea or write LJ entries :)

Oh, and i'm also busy buring mp3s to CD so i can have stuff to listen to at work :)

Anyways, time to go take shower now.
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