DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Commute notes

Left work at 6:23 yesterday, got home at 7:24. It was very much a north-south day. the 710 was great and the 605 was pretty good. However the 91 sucked, the 210 was pretty bad for awhile, and the 10 (which i took a glance at while driving over) looked atrocious.

The 710-91 connector is especially annoying. At some point i'll have to try taking the 105 home if the 710 is clear but i want to get a few more days of data on my current route before i try switching things around.

If they've got all these sites that track traffic speeds i can't figure out why no one has done any compilations. Ie what's the average speed on this freeeway at this time on that day (presumably by weekday would be the best way to divide it, as opposed to day of month or day of year, although day of week on a particular month or week of the year might be even better)

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