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First day at work


I left at 7:10 and got there at 8:40. There was a fair bit of traffic but according to the traffic reports i didn't run into as much as i would have if i'd taken the 10 instead of the 210 (thanks kim =)

I left work at 6:30 and got home at 7:35, which is a lot better than i was fearing. It was also raining out so i don't know if that means it will be even better on dry days, i'll have to see.

Still, the commute is going to be one of the most annoying parts of the job. The receptionist claimed that people usually got there between 8 and 9, but she said that while i was waiting in the reception area at 9 because neither of my bosses had shown up yet :)

Work itself:

It was stressfull, starting to learn new stuff is always stressfull. Trying to learn everyone's names is also stressfull. The only people i'm fairly sure of are my boss, the two people i already knew, and a couple of the mudders who i'd vaguely seen before. And Prof Levin, who wasn't at Mudd during my time but who i've heard enough about to be able to easily make the association (and who when introduced to me asked me if i was my sister's brother =)

Clocking in and out is really annoying, although they've made it as easy as possible. I guess i shouldn't be suprised that a company which specializes in document handling software has cool ways of handling stuff like that. They have computers set up in each main room where you can select your name and check in and say if you want free lunch or not, and once you're logged into your computer you can check the internal webpage and clock in and out from there as well, and it tells you how much time you've been working so you have an idea when to clock out.

They also have everyone set up with windows messenger so we can send messages back and forth to each other. My boss who sits six feet away from me (if that) would rather IM me most of the time instead of just turning around and asking me something =P Also got some IMs from the two people i actually know there, one of whom sits about 12 feet away form me, and the other who's on another floor.

That seems to be the only form of internet access we get though. When i tried to check the traffic website linked from the internal webpage it said that it was an outside page and i had a quota of 60 minutes, did i wish to spend 10 of it now? Hopefully that quota is per day, especially since it still applied even when i wasn't clocked in. I haven't tried ssh, IRC, or IM, but i'm not expecting much in those regards. Presumable i can get email from outside though once i figure out what my work address is.

I actually felt guilty going home at 6:30 when there were other people still around, even though i'd clocked out about 15 minutes earlier to avoid going over 8 hours. It just feels weird and wrong to be leaving work so early.

Oh, and i got drug tested for the first time ever today :)

After work:

Came home and thought about getting food on the way, but i knew kialyn was busy working on thesis and might be hungry, so i decided to stop by home first and check IM. I'd left myself logged in this morning with an away message saying i was at work but people could leave me a message if they wanted and i'd see it when i got home unless the computer had crashed or the cat turned it off. I got home and, well, at least 9 times out of 10 when my computer crashes it just freezes, rather than blue-screening and shuting down, so i'm blaming the cat :) I started it up again and IMed kialyn and she felt like food, so i went to In-n-Out and delivered it to her and hung out with her for ten or fifteen minutes, then stopped by the store on the way home so i could buy some ice cream and snacks (yay! i can afford junk food again! (well, presuming they actually pay me at some point of course =)) Came home and called my parents since work wants proof that i graduated for some reason so i needed them to fax my diploma to me. Then i had ice cream and wrote this and now i need to run off to bed as i'm sure you can tell by the way this entry has become more and more condensed the closer i got to the end :)

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