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I emailed back the people at Laserfiche accepting the offer and then spent some time emailing back and forth with them about the details. I'm going to be starting this tuesday, the 7th, and they're giving me un-paid vacation time starting on the 20th since i already had plane tickets home for christmas. I'm supposed to be there at 9 the first day, which means if i want to be safe i should be leaving here about 7. It took me just over an hour to get there for the interview, but that was with fairly light traffic, and i don't want to risk running into anything heavier on the first day :)

Called my parents friday night and let them know about the job, and they were very happy obviously. They suggested i should go out to someplace nice for dinner since i hadn't had anything to eat yet, but i told them that going out to a real resturant by yourself is depressing, so i'd just celebrate with some fast food. However right after i finished talking to them kialyn IMed me and said she wanted a break from thesis and wanted to know if i was up for dinner, so we ended up going to Marie Callenders.

Spent most of saturday playing more Disgaea. Decided to celebrate a little more by going to the and getting some snacks and then going to The Hat and getting chili cheese fries and then went home and watched X-2 while eating.

No real plans for today, probably just sitting around the apartment. I'm tempted to go to Borders and buy "Radiant" and "Dies the Fire," but i should really try not to spend too much money until i've actually got a paycheck in my hands :)

Although i should check the state of my clothes. I know i've got at least two pairs or dockers and two or three button up shirts but unless i've got some more that i'm forgetting about i might want to go to the mall and buy a few more.

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