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More Disgaea stuff

This post will probably only be of interest to gaming geeks in general and FF fans in particular :)

I started out naming all the non-story characters after characters from books. When i thought up the FF series idea i renamed most of them but left the Cleric named Meredith and the Red Mage named Cailet. Other than that, i've got:

Female Warrior: Celes
Male Warrior: Cyan (I was going to name the Ronin/Samurai character Cyan, but the Ronin are clearly female)
Female Brawler: Tifa
Male Brawler: Sabin
Knight: Cecil
Ronin: Faris
Scout: Vincent (because so far Scouts are the only class good with a gun)
Rogue: Locke (Althouhg i'm _really_ tempted to rename him Link. He looks very similar and spends a lot of time picking up and throwing things =)
Ninja: Edge
Archer: Rosa
Green Mage: Rydia
Blue Mage: Shiva
Star Mage: Rena

I also created four skulls (the male equivalent of mages) but i couldn't think of four ugly male FF mages, and really their only purpose is to server as knowledge slaves to Flonne so i just named them Larry, Moe, Curly and Starry.

There are three classes left to unlock, Angel, Majin, and EDF.

Majin are the super class, so i'm going to create a TG Cid for that, at least if the Majin are male :) All of these names will depend on what sexes the class turns out to be. Could name the Angel Sephiroth, but that would be kind of weird. If Angels are female i could name her Aerith, but i've never really been that impressed with her. I'm thinking of naming the EDF Vincent (since they're the class that's _really_ good with guns) but i'd need to think of something else to name the Scout in that case.

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