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I decided to start out the "holiday" weekend by screwing up my sleep schedule and staying up till about 6:30 this morning playing Disgaea :)

It's really really cool so far :) Gameplaywise t's like Final Fantasy Tactics crossed with Azure Dreams with a lot more options besides. And so far at least the story makes a lot more sense :)

It's also very anime influenced, and the best part is that it has the option i've wanted in _so_ many other games (especially FF10,) you can turn on the original japanese voices and just go with the subtitles! :) The only part that it misses is a few of the attacks have voice effects, some of which seem to use the english voice actors, but it's still really damn good.

And also along with the anime style art with all the usual facefaults and teardrops and such, between each chapter Etna (the cute gothy demon girl =) gives a "preview" of the next chapter along the lines of the ones in Nadesico and Cowboy Bebop, ie having nothing actually to do with the next episode. Each chapter so far she's picked a different anime genre to use :)

I'm on episode three right now, after the first time you have to go into item world (the Azure Dreams part of the game.) I haven't looked at faqs a huge amount, but i have looked through some of the classes faqs just to make sure i create the right characters to unlock everything. The Mentor/Pupil system is really cool, at least for the mentor. You start out with five characters and each of those can create other characters, which become their pupils. If a mentor is standing next to their pupil they can use any skills the pupil has (which seems a little backwards) and if they use it enough to get a level in it they keep the skill. They also get stat boosts whenever one of their pupils gains a level. I've got a Cleric who i've named Meredith who Mentored all my mages at the suggestion of one of the class faqs. The intent was to give her access to the attack spells so she'd have an easy way to gain levels. She now knows every attack spell currently available along with the healing, and she's got pretty uber stats. And the best part is since she was created by Laharl, the main character, he can now learn all the spells that she's picked up from her pupils :)

Along with Meredith and the storyline characters i've got a mage named Cailet, and every other character so far is named after an FF character, just to be silly :)

You can only hold 16 items at a time, and only keep 256 items in your warehouse, but that seems to be about the only programmer numbers you're likely to run into. From what i've seen in the class faqs your can get levels up into the thousands, and stats up into the tens of thousands at the very least. You can also "transmigrate" your character to start them over at level 1 in a new class, keeping most of their old stats and skills. And according to one faq i was reading the stats you gain on level up are based on your level 1 stats, so transmigrated characters must be insanely powerful when they re-level.

The two main new and interesting combat features are the geostones, which cause various effects (stat changes, damage, healing, invinicibility, warping, etc) to happen on certain tiles on the map, based on a color code system, and the ability to pick up friends and enemies and throw them :) If you throw one enemy at another enemy they one you threw adds its levels to the enemy you hit.

Okay, that's enough talking about the game for now, back to playing :)

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