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Everyone go do this!

Everyone go fill out this survey if you'd be interested in buying new episodes of Firefly if they came out direct to DVD!

And tell anyone else you know who's seen Firefly and might be interested. And tell everyone else to go watch Firefly of course :)

I do kind of wonder how they would work it out with the movie contract, but i don't really care as long as it can get me more Firefly :)

Oh, and the reason this comes up is that the Firefly movie just got delayed till September. Supposedly the production is going just fine, but someone apparently poked their head up and realized they were going to be releasing right next to Star Wars episode 3, and decided that might not be so wise .


Ah, according to one thing i've read Universal signed a deal with Fox saying they wouldn't produce a TV series for X number of years, but a direct to DVD thing might very well not count as a TV series :)

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