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pretty depressing food

I'm not sure, but in some ways going outside seems more depressing then staying at home.

Decided to go to Costco for lunch this afternoon and to stock up on various foods. Left about 3:30 and first i noticed being blinded by the starting-to-set sun as i drove south. Then i got on the freeway headed east and saw that everything was incredible clear because of the storm last night and it was beautiful. The mountains were standing out sharply and had snow on top of them and clouds piled up against them. The moon was high in the sky to the east by southeast, and it was just above another huge bank of clouds, and right where the moon was part of the cloud had peeled away and wrapped itself back around the moon. It was so pretty.

I actually thought about calling people to tell them to go outside and look, but ended up deciding they might be busy with stuff and i didn't want to interupt them.

Got to Costco and had lunch and then went inside and got food. It was sunday afternoon so there were a lot of people around, and that included a lot of cute girls. I'm not sure which is more depressing, that probably almost all of the cute girls weren't actually very interesting, or that it doesn't actually matter because i'll never get to meet any of them anyways.

I miss being at college, where i knew that most of the girls were interesting and even if none of them really liked me at least i got to talk to some of them.

Spent about $35 for hopefully at least two weeks worth of food, at least when it's spread out.

Got a big thing of quaker oatmeal packets which has all kinds of interesting flavors in it. The usual maple and brown sugar and apples and cinnamon of course, but also "cinnamon roll" and "cinnamon and spice" and "banana bread." And the usual bunch of regular. Stupid regular =P Got some instant cocoa mix because i'm almost out of the instant chai. The chai is a lot better but also a lot more expensive =/ Got a big 5 pound thing of cookie dough, again because it's cheaper than buying regular snacks from the store. Got a big thing of sugar cause i'm out of sugar, and a thing of the hebrew national jumbo beef hot dogs. Didn't bother getting any buns at costco. I can never go through a unit of costco bread products before they go moldy. I might buy some at the store, or i might just eat the hot dogs plain.

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