DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Geek Quiz type thing

snagged this from kallah

1. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Probably Star Wars. They both started sucking later on, but early Star Wars is more re-watchable than early Star Trek.

2. Galaxy Quest or Spaceballs?

Galaxy Quest. Despite what i said above, the Star Trek parody is better than the Star Wars parody :)

3. Robert Jordan or Terry Brooks?

Ack! Do i have to choose? I guess Rovert Jordan. I got through five or six of his books before giving up in disgust. I was tired of Terry Brooks after just one.

4. Harry Potter or His Dark Material?

I've read one or two of the His Dark Materials books, and wasn't really super impresed, so i guess i'd have to give Harry Potter a slight edge.

5. Shadowrun or Cyberpunk?

Shadowrun. Magic + tech is always cool.

6. Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore?

Who's Alan Moore again? Gonna have to go with Neil Gaiman.

7. Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams?

Sadly i've never been as fond of Douglas Adams as a good geek is supposed to be. I thought his books were interesting and i know the most popular quotes, but i don't really obsess about him the way some people do. However what Terry Pratchet i've read so far has been pretty unimpressive, so Douglas Adams still wins.

8. Princess Bride or The Quest for the Holy Grail?

I like Princess Bride better. However you can watch the Holy Grail more frequently cause it's really just a bunch of jokes strung together.

9. Neon Genesis Evangelion or Serial Experiments Lain?

Hmmmm. Evangelion got fucked up at the end. Lain pretty much started out fucked up. I should rewatch Lain again (any volunteers to watch it with me?) but for the moment i'd say Evangelion.

10. George RR Martin or Steven Erikson?

I have no idea who Steven Erikson is. However George RR Martin rocks, so it doesn't matter :)

11. Slayers or Trigun?

I've seen very little Slayers, but i've seen no Trigun, so Slayers.

12. Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon?

Utena. Or Rayearth.

Well if i have to pick one of those choices then, um.... not really seen much of either. Sailor Moon i guess.

13. Babylon 5 or Farscape?

or _Farscape_? What the hell?

B5 all the way!

14. Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke?

I have the Spirited Away DVD, but i haven't watched it yet. Besides, i got to see Mononoke Hima on opening day in Japan, so i just have to pick that :)

15. Naruto or Hunter X Hunter?

I've seen an episode of Naruto and have no idea what Hunter X Hunter is, so Naruto.

16. Akira or Ghost in the Shell?

I wasn't that impressed with Akira, so Ghost in the Shell.

17. Alien or Terminator?

Hmmm, tough one. I guess Terminator.

18. Blade Runner or Brazil?

Blade Runner kicks ass! Brazil was okay, but it was no Blade Runner :)

19. Avalon or eXistenZ?

what or what?

20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel?


21. Love Hina or Video Girl Ai?

Haven't seen either. I've read a little of the Video Girl Ai manga and i have a Love Hina DVD that i haven't watched yet. That wasn't really and answer nor was it inteded to be one.

22. Spike or Gerald Tarrant?

Okay, i'm ashamed to admit that i thought Gerald Tarrant sounded familar, but i had to google him before i remembered where he was from =P

The Coldfire trilogy isn't my favorite of her workse, but still, C.S. Friedman! Woot!

But WTF? As long as we're talking about vampires what about C.S. Friedman's even more kickass vampire character?


Stupid test writers.

23. Blade or D?

D as in Vampire Hunter? Geez, it's been so long since i've seen that that i think i'm going to need to go with Blade, but i'd be happy to reconsider later after refreshing my memory.

24. Apple or Linux?


25. Java or C?

C? As in just C? Definitely C++ over either of them. Not sure about Java vs. vanilla C.

26. Wolfenstein or Doom?

Eh, Doom i guess.

27. Escaflowne or Patlabor?

Escaflowne! I haven't actually seen any Patlabor, but it doesn't matter, Escaflowne is that cool :)

28. Pocky or Ramune?

I love Pocky and have no idea what Ramune is. So guess :)

29. XHTML or PHP?

Don't know either unfortunatly. Yes, i'm a bad programmer.

30. Pixar or Dreamworks?

Pixar. Shrek was cool, but that Shark Tale thing looked atrocious. The Incredibles was cooler, and the worst thing Pixar has ever done was probaly A Bug's Life.

31. Ramen or Hot Pockets?

Cup of Noodles! Kind of Ramen's cousin i guess :)

32. Jolt or Mountain Dew?

Never had Jolt, so Mountain Dew.

33. Red Hat or Mandrake?

I think i check email on a Red Hat system, but i don't remember for sure :)

34. Bit Torrent or IRC?

What the hell? That's not even apples or oranges, that's apples or round orange rocks. IRC. I like talking to people more than i like downloading files, especially with my crappy connection. IM or IRC would have been better,

35. DDR on soft or hard pad?

Does hard mean in the arcade? Or do they actually sell hard pads to use at home? I like the arcade better than at home (other than the cost of course) so i guess hard.

36. MegaTokyo or 8 Bit Theater?

MegaTokyo has a better story, but it's a pain to load on a modem connection. 8 Bit Theater sometimes is really funny and sometimes is just stupid, but it loads quicker, so it wins i guess.

37. All Your base or Trogdor?

Eh, Trogdor.

38. Gravitation or Fake?

Which? I guess gravitation since i like sticking to the planet? :)

39. Yoko Kanno or Kenji Kawai?

No clue who those people are, sorry.

40. Spiderman or X-Men?

The characters? The comics? The movies? Hey, you misspelled Spider-Man :) The Spider-Man movie was slightly better, but i always liked the X-Men characters better. Growing up watching "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" gave me the impression at the time that Spider-Man ended up with the short and crappy end of the superhero powers stick.

41. Bram Stoker's Dracula or Interview with a Vampire, book or movie version?

Read neither, and haven't seen Interview with a Vampire. I think i've seen parts of one version of Bram Stoker's Dracula, so that i guess.

42. Xbox or Playstation2?

What the fucking hell? What fucking moron wrote this test?


43. Dune or Hyperion?

Dune. Hyperion always seemed really overrated to me. Dune was only moderatly overrated :)

44. The Authority or Planetary?

The what or who? I'm going to say The Authority, not cause i know what it is, but because the name reminds me of Vernor Vinge's "The Peace Authority" :)

45. Lucifer or Hellblazer?

Characters from a comic or something i'm guessing? Um, Hellboy? :)

46. Clive Barker or Tim Powers?

Not read the first and not heard of the second.

47. Bruce Sterling or William Gibson?

Haven't read much of either of them. I've read a couple Gibson books but thought he was highly overrated. Read one or two Bruce Sterling books, but don't remember much about them.

Um, Vernor Vinge :)

48. Lord of the Rings or Conan?

Is this a joke? =P

49. The Maker of Universes or The Nine Princes of Amber?

Woot! Amber! Don't know what the other is and it doesn't matter :)

50. Boba Fett or Han Solo?

Han Solo

51. D&D or White Wolf?

White Wold. Werewolves are cool :)

52. Amber the Diceless RPG or Nobilis?

I've never played the first and have no clue what the second is.

53. Call of Kthulhu or Paranoia?

Heard of both, played neither, but Paranoia sounds really cool :)

54. GURPS or Rolemaster?

Eh, i've got one of the GURPS sourcebooks somewhere. One of the many RPGs i bought/thought looked cool but never got to play with anyone.

55. Weiss Kreuz or Saiyuki?

Isn't Weiss Kreuz the anime series that Akiko likes? Saiyuki sounds familiar, but i don't know what it is. Haven't seen either.

56. Batman or Superman?


57. Crouching Tiger..Dragon or Once upon a time in China?

I've only seen Crouching Tiger.

58. Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever or Earthsea?

You mean would i rather gargle sulfuric acid or have a glass of water? Earthsea, definitely.

59. Weis & Hickman or Salvatore?

Eh. Both shlocky, but Salvatore seemed to have more delusions of grandeur, so Weis & Hickman.

60. Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur?

*shrugs* Soul Calibur i guess, since it had Link.

61. Zelda or Final Fantasy?

Heh, despite my last answer, Final Fantasy. Although both series have been going seriously downhill lately.

62. Ranma 1/2 or City Hunter?

Ranma 1/2. Not seen any City Hunter.

63. ICQ or AIM?


64. Fruit Basket or Please Save my Earth?

Heh, what an odd choice. Fruit Basket i guess.

65. Anita Blake or Buffy Summers?

Eh. Anita Blake i guess, if you count the first five or so books and not the last several.

66. Ender's Game or Use of Weapons?

I've not read (nor heard of) Use of Weapons, so Ender's Game.

67. Newtype or Animerica?

Not seen Newtype, so Animerica i guess.

68. Honor Harrington or Miles Vorkosigan?

So far i've managed to avoid both of them.

69. Full Metal Panic or Full Metal Alchemist?

Not seen either.

70. Greg Bear or David Brin?

Ohhh. Ummm. Hmmm. Blood Music and Moving Mars were definitely good, but i think David Brin has the edge. Although i was upset with where he went in the second Uplift series.

71. Ninja Scroll or Rurouni Kenshin?

Kenshin, easily. Ninja Scroll was disturbing.

72. Brave New World or 1984?

I'm a bad bad bad bad geek. I've read neither of them :)

From what i do know i think i'd say 1984.

73. Pern or Darkover?

I've read one or two of the Darkover books, i _think_ i started near the begining, but they're very badly documented. It seemed pretty bland and mediocre to me. Pern turned into total crap eventually, but it started pretty good, at least if you first read them as a teen :)

74. Bleach or Shaman King?

No idea what those are.

75. Transformers or Robotech?

Transformers! Of course i never got to see much of Robotech, which is probably an influencing factor :)

76. Excel Saga or Elf Princess Rane?

I haven't seen Elf Princess Rane, and Excel Saga is cool :)

77. The Martian Chronicles or Stranger in a Strange Land?

Both highly overrated. I liked Heinlein in general a lot more than Bradbury though, at least as long as you stick to the jouvenile Heinlein.

78. Ninja or Pirates?


79. The Ring or The Sixth Sense?

eep!!! *hides*

*peeks out* The Sixth Sense. It had a better plot and was less scary. And how did they know to pick two of the few horror movies that i've actually seen? *goes back to hiding*

80. Shounen or Shoujo?


81. The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who?

I haven't tried watching much Doctor Who, but what little i've seen hasn't made me want to try watching more. The Twilight Zone.

82. The Crow or Edward Scissorhands?

The Crow

83. Tanith Lee or Barbra Hambly?

Barbara Hambly

84. Luis Royo or Boris Vallejo?

Micheal Whelan

85. Tokyo Babylon or Tokyo Godfathers?

Haven't watched one, don't know what the other is.

86. Hellsing or Witch Hunter Robin?

Seen neither.

87. The Avengers or Charlie's Angels?


How about Undercover Blues or Without a Clue?

88. Mercedes Lackey or Jennifer Robinson?

Mercedes Lackey

89. Inu Yasha or Fushigi Yugi Fushigi?

Haven't seen Fushigi, so Inu Yasha.

90. Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

Street Figher

91. Resident Evil or Silent Hill?


92. Dwarves or Elves?

Elves. They have more diverse characetristics than dwarves. It's a lot easier to avoid ripping off Tolkien with Elves than with Dwarves.

93. Elric or Fafhrd and the Grey Mouse?

Familiar with both, read neither, couldn't care less.

94. Starship Troopers or Pitch Black?

This is a question? Pitch Black! The Starship Troopers movie was a pile of crap.

95. Metal Gear or Splinter Cell?

Metal Gear

96. Age of Mythology or Warcraft III?

Not played either, but i'd be more interested in Age of Mythology

97. Everquest or Dark Age of Camelot?

Eh. Not played either and not particularly interested in trying. If you put a gun to my head i'd probably pick DaoC though.

98. Jet Le or Twelve Monkeys?

An actor or a movie? *confused*

99. Cowboy Bebop or Gundum?


100. Shining or 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Not seen Shining, don't really intend to. 2001.

101. Magic Knights Rayearth or Revolutionary Girl Utena?

Hmmm. I think i enjoyed Rayearth more, but Utena is more re-watchable. Not sure if that's really an answer :)

102. Simpsons or Futurama?


103. Dark Angel or Stargate SG-1?

Okay, reaching a bit with that one, but it's hard to match SF shows.

Dark Angel has the cuter girl. Stargate SG-1 has the geekier girl :) I think Stargate SG-1, partly because i've seen a lot more of it.

104. Firefly or any other SF show that isn't B5?

Firefly! :)

105. Civilization 3 vs. Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri! Civ3 had lots of cool stuff, but it didn't have an interesting story, cool quotes/voice acting, and wonder movies :)

106. S.M. Stirling or Harry Turtledove?

The Guns of the South was cool, but Harry Turtledove got old really fast. S.M. Stirling.

107. Issac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke?

Arthur C. Clarke. The foundation and robot novels didn't appeal to me that much.

108. Robin Hobb or Jane Lindskold

Ooohh, tough one. Lindskold is more versatile, but Hobb does better series. Robin Hobb i think.

109. Kate Elliot or Sara Douglass

Hmmmmm, hard to say without having finished either of their main series (through no fault of my own of course =) but i think Kate Elliot.

110. Jacqueline Carey or Laurell K. Hamilton?

Haven't gotten very far into Carey's series yet so i can't say.

111. Naomi Kritzer or Joanne Bertin

Probably Joanne Bertin, but just cause her first book had a good romance :)

112. Samus Aran or Lara Croft

Samus! :)

113. James Alan Gardner or Steven Brust

They've both got the same way of inserting a lot of wry humor into a serious story without ruining it, and they've both got very well built universes. Personally though i think James Alan Gardner does a little better job of it. Plus it seems harder to find well thought out SF than Fantasy these days.

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