DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

The Incredibles

My sister and brother-in-law invited me to go see The Incredibles with them tonight.

The short version is, it's amazing, go see it! :)

We were supposed to meet at the Irvine Spectrum at 8:15, but i didn't leave here till 7:45. Got stuck behind a cop for five or ten miles and ran into a little traffic from accidents and got there about 8:25. I spent about five minutes wandering about the parking lot looking for a spot, and then saw my sister and her husband walking by. I rolled down my window and waved at them and they said they'd had to stalk someone to find a spot and i said i would meet them at the theatre whenever. Finally found a spot after about another five minutes of searching.

We'd been planning on doing the 9:15 show, but by the time we got there it already had a huge line, so we did the 9:50 show instead. We did shifts with some of us standing in line and others going off to get food. When we got inside they weren't doing the usual "pre-show entertainment" that theatres have been doing recently, but after we'd been sitting there for awhile they started doing some commercial things. They did several very short ones, mostly right in a row, for something called "Bigg's Adventures" i think, which we couldn't decide if it was a movie or some new and upcoming form of "pre-show entertainment." They started getting really annoying after the first two or three of them. Didn't see anything too interesting in the previews that i remember. Saw one for "Cars" which looks kind of odd. Saw one for "Polar Express" which looks interesting but kind of cheesy. Saw several others for really stupid movies i think. Then they did the traditional Pixar short before the movie, which in this case was strange and bizare.

So the movie itself. It was funny, and the actions scenes were cool. The graphics of course looked great, especially during the night/twilight scenes. The only thing that stuck out as being not up to par was the wet hair. There were several bits that seemed highly reminiscent of scenes from Star Wars, but since they were mostly cool bits that's okay :) There's not too much more i can say without spoilers, but it was great, so go see it :)

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