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What i want

I figure that if i'm stuck with four more years of Bush, then the gods of ream owe me a cool job and a really cute and really geeky girlfriend. And who's local.

Other than that...

I'd like to hope that the Republicans now have enough rope to hang themselves, but not so much that they can fuck up the country beyond what we can repair starting four years from now. Unfortunatly with the way things have been going they'll manage to destroy the country and still have everyone (well, 50% plus one) thinking they're wonderful.

It seems like Bush has fairly won the election. Well, mostly fairly. Greg Palast had already posted before the election about voter purges. If it's true the people responsible deserve to be executed, but unfortunatly that seems to be nromal state of affairs. No one cared about it after 2000, no one is going to care about it now. There have also been a few rumors about a 5 point swing towards Bush in counties with electronic voting machines, but i haven't seen any real evidence supporting that yet, so i'm going to mark that up to disgruntled and overly-emotional democrats at the moment. (Well, that would descrive me too, but i'm trying to be fair.) So anyways, what does this mean for the next four years?

Homeland Security:

It seems inevitable that another terrorist attack will occur sooner or later. I've heard some people claim that no matter when it happens any terrorist attack will benefit the republicans, but i'm not so sure about that. If Kerry had gotten elected and then an attack occured the Republicans would be immediatly yelling about how that's what happens when you put the Democrats in charge. I think the reason the Republicans got off so easy last time is mainly because it was such a suprise. Whether they should have expected it or were incompetent or what, the average american was suprised, and so was willing to buy into the Republicans having been caught off guard.

To a lesser extent they also blamed Clinton for their probkems, despite the fact that Bush had been in office for awhile. However if an attack happens about three and a half years from now, the Republicans will have been in power for seven and a half years, and a significant amount of that time with a large margin in the House and Senate. If it happens again on their watch they're not going to have any excuses left. Unfortunatly if it happens too much before the next election they may manage to get a whole nother Patriot Act passed before they can be kicked out.


It's really dumb that everyone expects the President to be directly responsible for the economy. The tools and power the President has over it is extremely limited. Nonetheless the economy is always a big factor in elections. I don't want the economy to go totally down the toilet because i'd really like to have a job, but maybe it could stay kind of luke-warm? Americans always expect things to improve so if things stayed level for the next four years that might be enough to piss everyone off.

Iraq/Afghanistan/everywhere else:

I don't really want more death and chaos over there, but i don't see any way to avoid it. I just hope that Bush gets all the blame he deserves for it. Of course already no one is paying much attention to Afghanistan. We're still losing soldiers there, people are still getting kidnapped there, it's still a mess, but it doesn't make front page news. I wonder if the same thing will happen to news from Iraq once we invade Iran or whoever's next.

Supreme Court:

Okay, Rehnquist is almost certainly a goner, but he's a conservative so it's not like we'll really lose anything by another conservative getting apointed to replace him. So the real question is can the four liberals hold on for another four years?

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