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Oh really?

Bush Wins Re-Election, Seeks Broad Support "He pledged to pursue his agenda on taxes and Iraq while seeking "the broad support of all Americans.""

Oh you're seeking broad support are you?

Expanded Republican Congress Set to Back Bush "Republicans got ready on Wednesday to flex their muscles as an expanded majority in the U.S. Congress and help push President Bush's largely stalled conservative agenda in his second term."

White House: Debt Ceiling Must Be Raised "The Bush administration announced Wednesday that it will run out of maneuvering room to manage the government's massive borrowing needs in two weeks, putting more pressure on Congress to raise the debt ceiling when it convenes for a special post-election session."

Conservatives Cheer Gay Marriage Bans "Elated by an 11-for-11 rejection of gay marriage in state elections, conservatives Wednesday urged Congress to follow suit by approving a federal constitutional amendment that would extend the prohibition nationwide."

Funny, the only thing i see the conservatives extending in my direction so far is a fist. If you've got such a "broad victory" like you were claiming earlier today then you can do just fine without my support.

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